Kate Young for Target Canada

I've been waiting for the right time to wear this Kate Young for Target dress for... forever now!  The whole concept of featured designer lines and/or Target Canada in general was so much to take in last year. I'm sure all Canadian fashionistas were just as excited as I was. When I first saw this dress, I absolutely fell in love. I had so many visions of how I would wear it or what my hair would have to be like, but finally I came up with this! What I enjoy most about this piece is the detailing. From the retro feel of the jewels on the chest and sleeves to the elegant gold zipper down the back. ---It's just perfect. Have any of you ladies tried out Target's designer lines? If so, which line is your favourite?

P.S. Yes. My hair is purple. I was lucky enough to be made into a "UNICORN" as she'd say, by Thy Colour God. She is an amazing hair stylist and colourist based in Toronto. If you're interested in contacting her, follow her on Instsagram: @Thycolourgod ...Oh, and follow me too (@FlawsofCouture)!!

xo Sash

Dress: Kate Young for Target/ Heels: Forever21/ Massive Hoops: Rainbow Fashions


I'm a good girl. There really is no way to twist it or turn it. No matter what way you flip it, I'm still probably one of the most simple girls you'll ever meet. Dramatic...but simple. (If that makes any sense.) So lately, I think I've been trying to experience a little bit of rebellion without actually living like one. Hence, the hair. Ive always been so scared of doing the most simple things. I've always wanted to try another hair colour...never thought the first time I dyed my hair it would be purple though...but at least I gave it a wack! Fortunately, I LOVE IT! And what I've gotten from this very simple change, is that life is too short to be terrified of everything...and life is WAY too short to have boring hair!

Question: How many of you have tried ordering from boutiques you found over Instagram? Now, I've heard horror stories, but luckily I've had awesome experiences thus far. One of my favourite boutiques would have to be Luxe Vain Boutique. You guys have seen me in another dress of theirs in the past, but this one is my latest obsession. If this is your kind of thing, make sure you check them out, here
PS. Which Instagram boutiques are your fav?

Sash xo

Dress: LuxeVain.com/ Shoes: Torrid/ Stack Rings: Charlotte Russe

"Take the Plunge" by Penningtons

Valentine's Day means so much more to me this year. Why? Because I'm happy. 2013 was SUCH a trying year in all aspects, so this time around its all about digging deep and finding "ME". For so long, I've been thrown around emotionally because I would allow my relationships to take such strong hold on me. So now that I know where my opportunities to learn are, I am slowly but surely moving right along. I'm excited for this new journey I'm in the midst of taking. 
This journey of TRULY loving myself.

Seeing that this is my first blog post of the year (follow me on Instagram "@FlawsofCouture", I post there ALL the time!), why not start off with a LOVELY bang? Penningtons is one of my favourite places to shop now that the MBLM Style line is there making a huge statement. But, what makes me love them even more now is that they are revamping their intimates section. The bra that you see below is one of the new stunners that Pennington's has in store. It has a deep plunge down the middle for that extra sexy flare that most plus size bra's lack. Let's be honest, when full figured women have a hot date, it's hard to find something that's REALLY going to turn your significant other's head. Well, there's really no need to worry about that any longer because Penningtons' new "tiVOGLIO" line has it all! And when I say "ALL"...that includes MATCHING PANTIES! (Someone loves us enough to give us matching panties! haha) Get them: HERE!

A special thank you to Penningtons for allowing me to go in and get my new favourite bras! Also for listening to their customers! It's important that full figured women feel sexy. When I took a look at this new collection in store, I completely got that feeling. Hence, this post. From the details of lace, to the incredible coverage and fit...I am completely and utterly sold.

I've "Taken the Plunge".


Plunge Bra & Lace Satin Panties: Penningtons
Garters: Torrid

PS. This photo has not been edited in any way other than CROPPING for a closer view. I think that it is important that we all embrace every nook and cranny of our FULL bodies. We are beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Valentine's day is just another day for you to be sexy! Go and enjoy whether you're boo'ed up or living the single life! There is no limit to LOVE!

Oh...and Sorry, Mommy. ;)

-Sash xo

"Girls, you've gotta know when it's time to turn the page."- Tori Amos
It's been a roller-coaster ride for me the last few months. Business-wise, emotionally...everything. But honestly, I've been learning so much. As much as it can be so hard to go through certain issues in life, there really is a lesson if you're willing and open enough to learn it. Although I'm still learning and still discovering who I am on my own, I have learned thus far that there is power in tomorrow. I know it's not promised, but granted we get it, tomorrow "IS" a fresh start- a new day. You can be better, you can be peaceful, you can be loved and most of all you can be YOU. You can choose to let this kill your spirit or you can choose to rise from it. "Turning the page" is something I'm getting better at. No matter how much you loved this part of your story, you still have to flip the page and move on. I truly believe that you'll want to see whats next.

Sasha exx-ohh

"Pretty for a BIG girl?" sweater: Flaws of Couture
Burgundy Faux Leather Joggers: A Frugalista's Haven
Boots: Torrid
Necklace & Bracelet: Target 

Let me explain! Pretty for a Big Girl? & FOC SCARVES

Okay ladies and gents, you have every reason in the world to be slightly perturbed with us. Let's just say we've been EXTREMELY busy working on our new "Pretty for a Big Girl?" streetwear line and the return of our VERY well known infinity scarves! I promise that come next week, we will be back up and running with some new looks for you, BUT in the meantime, I'm going to answer all of your emails in this one post! 

QUESTION: When, when WHENNN are the scarves coming back and how can I get into one of the "Pretty for a Big Girl?" crew necks?

ANSWER: Now, now NOWWWW is the time! And you will find everything on our site:
 (another way to find the link is by just scrolling up and clicking on "SHOP"!)

So, with that being said, we just want to thank everyone who has supported us with our line and the movement that we feel so passionate about. We're definitely making a HUGE statement one sweater at a time. We've sold out 3 whole times! We're extremely grateful for all of your support! Can't wait to show you what I've got up my sleeve for next week!

        ex-ohhh. -Sash