December 28, 2010

Flaws of Couture at Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive!!

The year is coming to an end and what better way to get prepared than attending "the" Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive- Celebration of Gospel! Thats right- there is no better way! This THURSDAY DEC, 30th I, Sasha Ruddock, will be singing along side many very talented Toronto artists in the business. This Thursday night is expected to be absolutely inspirational and OUTSTANDING. The buzz around Tika Simone from MTV alone is enough for a lot of craze on Intimate and Interactive nights, but the true success is due to the huge amounts of talent hitting the stage every Friday night. 

Intimate and Interactive is the only audition-only Open Mic in Toronto. The success has been expectational which is why the last one of the year should be too! Come on out and support. WE NEED TO SUPPORT OUR OWN. Flaws of Couture will be in the building! So if anything, just come and enjoy the night with us! Thanks in advance guys! See you there!

For more info on Thursday night, take a look at the Flyer below or click on the "About S&G" tab to contact us! -Sashagai & Garcia

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