December 26, 2010

Flaws of Couture...Everywhere

It's a beautiful thing when you can see the reward and great outcome of something you've put your blood, sweat and tears into. Kinda like how we feel when we see the people around us wearing our winter wear! This Fall/Winter, Flaws of Couture introduced the scarf/muff side to our soon to be completed Plus size clothing line. The response has been DYNAMIC. And although some people would say these scarves are a "little too much for them" or " too complicated", there is a HUGE population of people who are rocking them harder than we are! One person said " You know what I realized Sasha?...You really have to have the confidence to wear these scarves!" And I was thinking..." AS IF THAT WAS A BAD THING!" Of course you've got to have confidence to wear these. That's what F.O.C. is about. Confidence and nothing less. Our scarves are made specially for the confident girl and to "create" the confident girl. And these two ladies below demonstrate daily what it's like to be wearing a one of a kind, F.O.C. buttoned scarf! Thanks Ladies. -Sashagai

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