January 30, 2011

Couture in God's House

Many of you know us through either school, work, shows, referrals etc. But there is a select few who grew up with me (Sasha) in the church. You have been able to watch me quite closely as I grew into the person that I am today. So what kind of "designer" would I be if i didn't give credit to the church where a lot of my fashion inspiration came from? "A bad one," you should say. Weirdly enough, I've always loved the wide brimmed hats and gaudy suits. Yes, they might need some tweaking here and there, BUT they are worn by only the fearless and bold at heart. Who said that people of God couldn't have style? We serve a King. And a King lives in a Kingdom. And Kingdom citizens are a reflection of who they worship...no? That is why F.O.C. will be in the church AND outside it. 
Don't believe me?
This was TODAY after an amazing service...

Me looking quite confused lol. My "Raven" moment when an idea presents itself!
Evangelist and I going over some sketches. 

Very rough drawings of a gown I want to be created. Nowhere near done. Sketching.

WANT MY HAIR...You've already got it!

OKAY. I've already given you guys some tips in regards to my hair. But before it was the rope twist braids and NOW...it's MY hair. No, I'm not just flaunting it. I don't just get up and say, "People need to know about my hair..." lol. YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS ASKING! So, I give you what you want. Isn't that what Flaws of Couture is about? I'm sharing what works for me with you because someone shared it with me! (Cecile Taylor) :)

I've permed my hair years ago, BUT my hair is not permed anymore. The relaxed ends were cut off when I went into my Rihanna stage and I haven't permed again since then. 4 years ago? All I do is:
(1.) Lather my hair with "Beer and eggs". Yes, you read correctly.
Heineken and EGGS!
(excuse me for the Spice Girls in the back.)
Although it takes will power:
(2.) I wrap my hair EVERY night.
It doesn't matter if your hair is long or short. Wrapping your hair has so many benefits. One being that you don't have to be using the straightener on it everyday! That damages your hair. And the heat dries it out! Moisture is key, but never too much.
Another thing:
(3.)Wash your HEAD. why are people especially black people so okay with this two-three week business! Its a myth and poor tradition in the Black community. If your scratching and flaking after a weeks time and your hair is out like I have it above, WASH.IT. Obviously, if you have a weave or braids this isn't for you.
A great woman by the name of Francine (my hair dresser) taught me one very important thing.
(4.) Don't pack your hair with hair oil/grease/lotion...whatever you call it! It weighs your hair down and your hair WILL NOT blow in the wind. lol. Rather get STUCK in the wind.

Hopefully, I was a little helpful! Any in depth questions...
Message me!

January 29, 2011

Tamara Madison - Point of View

Good friend of mine, Tamara Madison has been singing for FOREVER and has been fulfilling her dream of taking it main stream for as long as I've known her. Although we've grown way passed Mayfield Secondary Idol shows and sing offs, Tamara still stays young, fresh and talented. All of this and more stays prevalent in her new single "Point of View". 

Listen to the new single and stay locked! 

January 25, 2011

And where the heck is the Fashion?!

You might find that this post answers a lot of your questions. I'll briefly go through questions about my hair (Sasha), why we haven't been doing as many "fashion" posts as we used to do on our personal blogs and what to expect from F.O.C. next! For the English majors...run on sentence; I know. Please excuse me. Well, first and foremost; we'd like to thank you guys for your support and feedback with our new blogspot! I'm sure you guys know that we are both students and that although this is a sacrifice of our time, we absolutely ADORE interacting with you and sharing our "plus size" fashion sense with you all. 

Like we said; this was more than just fashion to us. Its life. Hence the reason why we speak not only about fashion but about the things that impact our lives on a daily basis. So, despite the fact that its very hard but SO possible to be trendy during the Winter...our aim is still to give you what we're feeling and doing as young fashion bloggers and designers. Currently, we're working on our Spring and Fall 2011 line. More over; we are getting ready to release to you guys "everything spring" from F.O.C. I'm so sure you're no where near as excited as we are, but not to worry! You will be once you set your eyes on our Spring Elbow/ Drop Clutches and scarves! Excited yet? We are. -F.O.C.

Come on...live a little.
Garcia's crafty handy work. Just a mock and sneak peak at what  F.O.C. has in store for Spring!

MY HAIR: For all the fans out there..(LOL)...I thank you very very much. All it is:
1. Its called "Rope Twist". Black with a hint of Blonde (#27)
2. Mine were passed my butt.
3. Referral to the Hair Dresser is more than available.
4. You MUST be patient. Takes some time, but my head is huge.
5.You can do everything with it! including curls and buns (like above) etc.

F.O.C. Hosts: The Game Premier!

There are many shows that we can all remember for being "the" best shows ever. Sex and City, Friends, Girlfriends, Dawson's Creek...and the list goes on. But when The Game started just about two years ago, everyone was permanently at the edge of their seats. So when it was cancelled after one season for low ratings...we ALL we're devastated. And I say "ALL" because I don't think anyone has a bad thing to say about The Game. I also know that many of us couldn't stop watching the finale episode where Derwin leaves Melanie at the alter to go meet Jenae at the hospital while she gave birth to their first child, over and over again! To know that this dynamic love story and drama was now coming back for a second try was all we needed to hear!

So Flaws of Couture put on a very last minute/intimate Premier night! With games, food and wine (for the ones of age); we started the season with a bang! We are huge Game fans. What about you guys? What do you think about the new episodes? Let us know what you think!

January 16, 2011

Friends even after a Break-up?

Never mind how to get over the break up...HOW DO YOU BECOME FRIENDS AFTER? So many have said that it's impossible and others say it's more than possible. But what exactly does it take to do this if indeed theres hope of a clean friendship? And if its not possible...why not? Why cant we put our feelings aside and be best friends instead? Are we really wasting our time guys? is there a condition? F.O.C. wants your opinion! Let us know what you think! Send us a video response if you'd like. We'll post it and get feedback for you! 

January 11, 2011

Intimate and Interactive with Andrea Lewis Jan 13th 2011

Listen here. You know that FLAWS OF COUTURE is a huge supporter of Tika Simone and her 'Intimate and Interactive' Open Mic nights....

We've been attending from the start and we don't EVER plan on stopping. Every night is a different night and it honestly gets better every show. This is in no way to "get people to come" because whether you come or not...its gonna be off the hook! And I'm sure it'll be packed even more than usual because ANDREA LEWIS will be releasing her greatly anticipated album! Don't know who Andrea Lewis is...then go back to your Degrassi days! Remember Hazel; Jimmy's (Drake) first girlfriend? 
Yes! Thats her! She's giving us a down low on her new and amazing Album "Voodoo". Live Band. Many other performers. HYPE. 
You gotta be there! We'll be there. Contact F.O.C. for any inquiries! 

January 08, 2011


For those of you who've been following Garcia and I on twitter or our personal blogs, you'll know that we make our own one of a kind scarves. Flaws of Couture has had extreme success with our buttoned scarf line. We live in Canada, so December is definitely not the ending of Winter here. It is truly only the preview for what January and February has to bring! So when we thought that the orders would die down after Christmas; we were mistaken! Everyone is trying to get warm and that is completely fine with us! 

Out with the old and in with the new just as 2011 is now and 2010 was then. F.O.C. is officially introducing our Faux fur scarves and our "MUFFS". You may not know what exactly we're talking about AND WE LOVE THAT. The Royal Family for instance... They are famous for muffs and you're about to be too! Look wealthy and UNIQUE with a one of a kind SCARF & MUFF set from Flaws of Couture. There's no better time than now to get it. It's only getting colder from here!

Massimo Pink Faux Fur Scarf and Muff! Scarf: $40.00
Muff with pearl/diamond buttoning: $20.00----->Get it as a set or separate!----------> ( flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com )

NEW! Massimo Faux Fur Scarf: $40.00!! Available in Black, brown and Pink. This scarf is an F.O.C. PICK! Definitely our favourite! Only thing is...You gotta be HOT to rock it. Insecure NEED NOT APPLY!! --------------------> ( flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com )

FOR ALL INQUIRIES CONTACT: flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com 

January 03, 2011

Street Style: Stephanie

 We told you all from the get go that we were SOOOO through with Rihanna and Beyonce being the only style icons us ladies look to. Why not celebrate the girls we see on a day to day basis! We do a lot more criticizing than appreciating. Our goal is to create a comfort with celebrating other girls. We all have something that we can help each other out with in regards to fashion. Don't you agree? If someone is looking at you, it doesn't have to be that they're saying something negative. Maybe they just like how you look! 

Today, when Garcia and I were roaming the new and improved Bramalea City Center, in came a very stylish young lady by the name of Stephanie. Blown away by her Janelle Monae-like hair-do and her bold RETRO/AFROCENTRIC coat, we had to ask her to pose for you all to see. I haven't seen anyone rock a retro bubble jacket with high wasted jeans...EVER. Although, it's something that we wouldn't normally think of, somehow Stephanie pulled it off. 
 Thanks Stephanie.
You're HOT.

Garcia and Stephanie exchanging information.

January 02, 2011


Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive: A HUGE Success!

I cannot begin to explain how nervous I truly was to be singing at Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive. You all know Garcia and I as the "plus size fashion gurus" but many of you had no idea that I've been singing since I was a wee one. Haha. Although singing is not my passion, it is something I know I was blessed with. So because I know it's a blessing, I use it. In hope that I will be a blessing to someone else.
The night was a HUGE success. And although it started out being a little stiff..(you know how church people can be sometimes when they are outside of the church..lol) it quickly moved into a warm and AWESOME (as Tika would say) environment! So many familiar and unfamiliar faces. So many amazing voices and talents. Intimate and Interactive is always off the hook, but Thursday night showed how diverse it can truly be. 
I want to thank Tika Simone for giving all of us the opportunity to showcase our God given talents amongst each other. I count it a privilege to be one of the ones chosen to sing at the last I&I of the year. 
A privilege indeed!

Flaws of Couture with "THE" Tika Simone!

Sashagai with good friend Josette Marshall.

Garcia Marie of F.O.C. Struttin' her stuff.

Sasha with GMF.