January 25, 2011

And where the heck is the Fashion?!

You might find that this post answers a lot of your questions. I'll briefly go through questions about my hair (Sasha), why we haven't been doing as many "fashion" posts as we used to do on our personal blogs and what to expect from F.O.C. next! For the English majors...run on sentence; I know. Please excuse me. Well, first and foremost; we'd like to thank you guys for your support and feedback with our new blogspot! I'm sure you guys know that we are both students and that although this is a sacrifice of our time, we absolutely ADORE interacting with you and sharing our "plus size" fashion sense with you all. 

Like we said; this was more than just fashion to us. Its life. Hence the reason why we speak not only about fashion but about the things that impact our lives on a daily basis. So, despite the fact that its very hard but SO possible to be trendy during the Winter...our aim is still to give you what we're feeling and doing as young fashion bloggers and designers. Currently, we're working on our Spring and Fall 2011 line. More over; we are getting ready to release to you guys "everything spring" from F.O.C. I'm so sure you're no where near as excited as we are, but not to worry! You will be once you set your eyes on our Spring Elbow/ Drop Clutches and scarves! Excited yet? We are. -F.O.C.

Come on...live a little.
Garcia's crafty handy work. Just a mock and sneak peak at what  F.O.C. has in store for Spring!

MY HAIR: For all the fans out there..(LOL)...I thank you very very much. All it is:
1. Its called "Rope Twist". Black with a hint of Blonde (#27)
2. Mine were passed my butt.
3. Referral to the Hair Dresser is more than available.
4. You MUST be patient. Takes some time, but my head is huge.
5.You can do everything with it! including curls and buns (like above) etc.

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