January 30, 2011

Couture in God's House

Many of you know us through either school, work, shows, referrals etc. But there is a select few who grew up with me (Sasha) in the church. You have been able to watch me quite closely as I grew into the person that I am today. So what kind of "designer" would I be if i didn't give credit to the church where a lot of my fashion inspiration came from? "A bad one," you should say. Weirdly enough, I've always loved the wide brimmed hats and gaudy suits. Yes, they might need some tweaking here and there, BUT they are worn by only the fearless and bold at heart. Who said that people of God couldn't have style? We serve a King. And a King lives in a Kingdom. And Kingdom citizens are a reflection of who they worship...no? That is why F.O.C. will be in the church AND outside it. 
Don't believe me?
This was TODAY after an amazing service...

Me looking quite confused lol. My "Raven" moment when an idea presents itself!
Evangelist and I going over some sketches. 

Very rough drawings of a gown I want to be created. Nowhere near done. Sketching.

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