January 25, 2011

F.O.C. Hosts: The Game Premier!

There are many shows that we can all remember for being "the" best shows ever. Sex and City, Friends, Girlfriends, Dawson's Creek...and the list goes on. But when The Game started just about two years ago, everyone was permanently at the edge of their seats. So when it was cancelled after one season for low ratings...we ALL we're devastated. And I say "ALL" because I don't think anyone has a bad thing to say about The Game. I also know that many of us couldn't stop watching the finale episode where Derwin leaves Melanie at the alter to go meet Jenae at the hospital while she gave birth to their first child, over and over again! To know that this dynamic love story and drama was now coming back for a second try was all we needed to hear!

So Flaws of Couture put on a very last minute/intimate Premier night! With games, food and wine (for the ones of age); we started the season with a bang! We are huge Game fans. What about you guys? What do you think about the new episodes? Let us know what you think!

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