January 11, 2011

Intimate and Interactive with Andrea Lewis Jan 13th 2011

Listen here. You know that FLAWS OF COUTURE is a huge supporter of Tika Simone and her 'Intimate and Interactive' Open Mic nights....

We've been attending from the start and we don't EVER plan on stopping. Every night is a different night and it honestly gets better every show. This is in no way to "get people to come" because whether you come or not...its gonna be off the hook! And I'm sure it'll be packed even more than usual because ANDREA LEWIS will be releasing her greatly anticipated album! Don't know who Andrea Lewis is...then go back to your Degrassi days! Remember Hazel; Jimmy's (Drake) first girlfriend? 
Yes! Thats her! She's giving us a down low on her new and amazing Album "Voodoo". Live Band. Many other performers. HYPE. 
You gotta be there! We'll be there. Contact F.O.C. for any inquiries! 

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