January 08, 2011


For those of you who've been following Garcia and I on twitter or our personal blogs, you'll know that we make our own one of a kind scarves. Flaws of Couture has had extreme success with our buttoned scarf line. We live in Canada, so December is definitely not the ending of Winter here. It is truly only the preview for what January and February has to bring! So when we thought that the orders would die down after Christmas; we were mistaken! Everyone is trying to get warm and that is completely fine with us! 

Out with the old and in with the new just as 2011 is now and 2010 was then. F.O.C. is officially introducing our Faux fur scarves and our "MUFFS". You may not know what exactly we're talking about AND WE LOVE THAT. The Royal Family for instance... They are famous for muffs and you're about to be too! Look wealthy and UNIQUE with a one of a kind SCARF & MUFF set from Flaws of Couture. There's no better time than now to get it. It's only getting colder from here!

Massimo Pink Faux Fur Scarf and Muff! Scarf: $40.00
Muff with pearl/diamond buttoning: $20.00----->Get it as a set or separate!----------> ( flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com )

NEW! Massimo Faux Fur Scarf: $40.00!! Available in Black, brown and Pink. This scarf is an F.O.C. PICK! Definitely our favourite! Only thing is...You gotta be HOT to rock it. Insecure NEED NOT APPLY!! --------------------> ( flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com )

FOR ALL INQUIRIES CONTACT: flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com 

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