January 03, 2011

Street Style: Stephanie

 We told you all from the get go that we were SOOOO through with Rihanna and Beyonce being the only style icons us ladies look to. Why not celebrate the girls we see on a day to day basis! We do a lot more criticizing than appreciating. Our goal is to create a comfort with celebrating other girls. We all have something that we can help each other out with in regards to fashion. Don't you agree? If someone is looking at you, it doesn't have to be that they're saying something negative. Maybe they just like how you look! 

Today, when Garcia and I were roaming the new and improved Bramalea City Center, in came a very stylish young lady by the name of Stephanie. Blown away by her Janelle Monae-like hair-do and her bold RETRO/AFROCENTRIC coat, we had to ask her to pose for you all to see. I haven't seen anyone rock a retro bubble jacket with high wasted jeans...EVER. Although, it's something that we wouldn't normally think of, somehow Stephanie pulled it off. 
 Thanks Stephanie.
You're HOT.

Garcia and Stephanie exchanging information.

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