January 02, 2011

Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive: A HUGE Success!

I cannot begin to explain how nervous I truly was to be singing at Tika Simone's Intimate and Interactive. You all know Garcia and I as the "plus size fashion gurus" but many of you had no idea that I've been singing since I was a wee one. Haha. Although singing is not my passion, it is something I know I was blessed with. So because I know it's a blessing, I use it. In hope that I will be a blessing to someone else.
The night was a HUGE success. And although it started out being a little stiff..(you know how church people can be sometimes when they are outside of the church..lol) it quickly moved into a warm and AWESOME (as Tika would say) environment! So many familiar and unfamiliar faces. So many amazing voices and talents. Intimate and Interactive is always off the hook, but Thursday night showed how diverse it can truly be. 
I want to thank Tika Simone for giving all of us the opportunity to showcase our God given talents amongst each other. I count it a privilege to be one of the ones chosen to sing at the last I&I of the year. 
A privilege indeed!

Flaws of Couture with "THE" Tika Simone!

Sashagai with good friend Josette Marshall.

Garcia Marie of F.O.C. Struttin' her stuff.

Sasha with GMF.

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