January 30, 2011

WANT MY HAIR...You've already got it!

OKAY. I've already given you guys some tips in regards to my hair. But before it was the rope twist braids and NOW...it's MY hair. No, I'm not just flaunting it. I don't just get up and say, "People need to know about my hair..." lol. YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS ASKING! So, I give you what you want. Isn't that what Flaws of Couture is about? I'm sharing what works for me with you because someone shared it with me! (Cecile Taylor) :)

I've permed my hair years ago, BUT my hair is not permed anymore. The relaxed ends were cut off when I went into my Rihanna stage and I haven't permed again since then. 4 years ago? All I do is:
(1.) Lather my hair with "Beer and eggs". Yes, you read correctly.
Heineken and EGGS!
(excuse me for the Spice Girls in the back.)
Although it takes will power:
(2.) I wrap my hair EVERY night.
It doesn't matter if your hair is long or short. Wrapping your hair has so many benefits. One being that you don't have to be using the straightener on it everyday! That damages your hair. And the heat dries it out! Moisture is key, but never too much.
Another thing:
(3.)Wash your HEAD. why are people especially black people so okay with this two-three week business! Its a myth and poor tradition in the Black community. If your scratching and flaking after a weeks time and your hair is out like I have it above, WASH.IT. Obviously, if you have a weave or braids this isn't for you.
A great woman by the name of Francine (my hair dresser) taught me one very important thing.
(4.) Don't pack your hair with hair oil/grease/lotion...whatever you call it! It weighs your hair down and your hair WILL NOT blow in the wind. lol. Rather get STUCK in the wind.

Hopefully, I was a little helpful! Any in depth questions...
Message me!

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