February 13, 2011

"DTF" Down to Fashion Show!!

When we say "DTF" we say it with no relations to the popular Jersey Shore! So get your minds out of the gutter! "Down to Fashion" was a show put on last night by the Black Students Association of UofT. Collectively, a group of talented designers along side the association put on a very intriguing show full of colour and vibrancy. We were extremely excited to have been there, much less invited! KUDOS!

Flaws of Couture's Sasha with "Love Me As I Am's" creator/designer Thomasina!

Garcia loves to make a statement. Loves the fierce look; so when going out she's got to be the show stopper. 
Big girls; you have no excuse! Throw it together. Only half an hour before this photo; Garcia was at work closing her store and thought there was no way she'd be looking anything close to cute. She was wrong. When you have style, it just comes naturally. Garcia is the QUEEN of putting things together to make one GREAT look. For example...Would you even think that this black and white "skirt" was actually a full out sleeveless dress?!....I wouldn't have!

Jacket: Vintage/Top: Addition Elle/ Necklace: Suzy Shier/ Shoes: Torrid

Me on the other hand...I'm a one shot kinda girl! If you watch me in the summer, you'll see that I don't like a lot of clothes. I have a thing for great single pieces. And if you're like me, you love dresses-hate shawls-and understand that "less is more". This dress was pulled specially for me from "Shawna's Closet". She is my personal vintage stylist. For all of you full-figured girls who think that vintage is for the thin...BEWARE...I will show you otherwise. 

Dress: Shawna's Closet/ Shoes: Pay Less/ Clutch: Vintage/ Hair: GOD GIVEN! haha!

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