February 06, 2011

European Mami

Despite the fact that I clearly showed the world that my Christmas tree is still up, I thought I'd show off a little. Today I put on my Sunday's Best with vintage and European style in mind. I absolutely love the whole Harem Pant craze. I never thought it would work on me especially being full-figured and all, but I surprised myself when I tried them on after spotting them in Forever 21's plus section. As for the jacket, I was completely sold when I tried it on at a vintage store last summer. Pairing them together was perfect today. Perfect example of how sexy and classy you can look without wearing fitted or skin tight clothes. The loose look has so many benefits to it.
 Style and comfort.

White Jacket: Vintage, Harem Pants: Forever 21 Plus, Booties: Payless, Pearl Necktie: Forever 21


  1. Sasha your gorgeous, you look beautiful, healthy and happy..omg