February 24, 2011

Something Small...Something Cute...

I just love to dress up. Don't know why, really. Some say I get it from my dad which could definitely be it. But no matter where I go lately, I end up looking like I was trying to dress to kill. I definitely wasn't. Headed to Josette's play at UofT last week, I decided to put on something other than jeans or leggings. This is what I ended up wearing. Once again, the skirt from Shauna's Closet Vintage and the top from BCBG. And yes, I had a "curly sue" moment. 
I kinda LOVE it. 

Sasha and Kyra (one of F.O.C.'s models) at Josette's show.

Kyra and Jasmine, Josettes little sister.

The show stopper herself, JOSETTE, and her loving partner in crime, CLAYTON.

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