March 20, 2011

I SHOOK my BOOTY for this shirt!

Somehow, I've always found myself in really odd situations. Yesterday, I was running around Bramalea City Centre trying to find a cute top to wear to my girl-friend's wedding shower. I decided that I'd go into Oldnavy seeing that it's one of my favourite places to shop. Just my luck, EVERYTHING was 30% off-------
Provided that you "SHAKE YOUR BOOTY" at the cash register before purchasing!! 
I've got to admit, when I was first told I was shocked! But it was so much fun! They had the DJ booth going and everything. It was awesome, and so is my 30% discounted leopard top! 

Top: Oldnavy/ Jeans: Z.Cavarcci (Torrid)/ Heals: Payless Shoe Source/ Belt: Levi's

Peach Bag: (personal stylist: Shauna's Vintage Closet)

NOTE: For the "bigger" girls with the big tahtahs (like me)! Usually I wouldn't recommended waist belts when you have a large chest. In this case, you really have to use your discretion. Waist belts make large breast look LARGER---Unless you figure out a way to make it compliment your outfit instead of it being the focal point!  


  1. As if you got that cute shirt at Old Navy...

    Love your blog! Pleasure meeting you on Sunday.



  2. it was great meeting you!! late response, I know!!! We'll definitely be in contact! We LOVE your blog as well!!!

    Sasha FOC