March 23, 2011

We even make TOILET PAPER dresses!

Wedding showers are always something I look forward to. Especially for close friends of mine. One thing I get excited for are the games for the night! I've always wanted to play the TOILET PAPER wedding dress game and until a couple nights ago, I'd never made a dress out of toilet paper! CHALLENGE ON! Every table had to choose a model and make a wedding dress out of two rolls of toilet paper. The best dress would be chosen by the bridal party. 

OF COURSE, my table took the cake! See for yourself! That has got to be the best toilet paper dress you've ever seen! Thanks to Aisha (the model), Telicia Gordon (proffessional stylist) Tasheena and Serika for all the team work! We learned that being GENTLE was the key!!

I now design toilet paper dressed!!! haha. so much fun!

Telicia Gordon (Lisa): Professional Wardrobe Stylist (for her contact info email

They were close...BUT no cigar. SORRY.

W I N N E R !!!

Beautiful game host and bride's maid; Destinee Roberts.

Bride's maids deliberating....(they already knew we won!)

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