April 10, 2011

Apple doesn't fall too far from the TREE!

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree AT ALL. They used to say to me all the time, "Sasha, you love fi dress up JUST like yuh faddah!" In other words, I had a love for dressing up just like my father. And indeed it was true. I was always very boastful with my appearance mainly because I enjoyed creating my own look (I was also born a Drama Queen). Now that I'm older and everyone is getting used to me looking great (wink wink, theres the boastfulness lol), I've noticed my 5'10 /ELEVEN year old sister doing the same (yes, 5'10)! I guess my older sister and I have a lot to do with it, but I am just in awe of how well this kid can dress herself lately!I mean, the leather jacket...Dereon halter...skinny jeans! I'm SO HAPPY she's walking in her confidence!

This is her chance to get a bit of shine, since she is usually my camera man and all. AND she looked great today! You can critique if you'd like, but remember...she's ELEVEN. I'm not trying to apply makeup nor tweeze eyebrows at this stage! She's gorgeous being young AND stylish.


Leather Jacket: Stitches/ Embellished Top: Dereon/ Charm Bracelets: Miss Sixty/ Jeans: Stitches 

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