April 26, 2011

Casual 70's Girl

Just something small for you guys. I had my eye on this beautiful blazer-like jacket from Forever 21 for the longest while. Lucky for me, I ended up getting the last one in my size! It has somewhat of a tribal-exotic print to it. On my way to school, I just paired it up with a black marina and black leggings from Giant Tiger. Excuse my socks and flats (LOL)...my feet were cold! I've been getting compliments on my twist braid hairstyle. I love it too! Its really easy to do...YOUTUBE it! There's not much you can drastically change as yet since Canada is struggling to enter warmer weather, but you can definitely work on the 70's feel if you're into trends. Although I'd love to throw on the short shorts...it's not quite the time yet. Until then, spice it up a bit with a cool and funky 70's inspired print. 

Blazer: Forever 21 Plus/ Leggings: Giant Tiger/ Shoes: PayLess/ Handbag: H&M

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