April 24, 2011

Sasha honors the Sari...

If you know the city of Brampton, you'd know that there is definitely a dominant culture. South Asia (you would say "Indian") is represented BODLY in Brampton which happens to be my hometown since the sixth grade. Nothing and nowhere has influenced me more "culture-wise" than my fellow South Asian community. No matter how you put it, if you live in Brampton you are somehow impacted by this community.

The "sari" is a garment that is delicate. I admire it for its ability to shape a woman out and emphasize curve. My main concern was making sure I wore it well. I wanted to know that if a South Asian person saw me in this garment, they would be proud of their culture. I achieved that. Although I was the only one wearing a sari at the wedding, discomfort is far from my vocabulary and should be far from yours. Make a statement. You are set apart.

I challenge everyone to step out of their comfort zone and experience something culturally new. It is a breath of fresh air. Congratulations to my newlyweds, Chauntelle and Dane. God has definitely put you two together.

A little tummy shall we?...

Nakeshia and I. I'm not the only one with a unique swagger, huh?

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