June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I truly believe in Birthdays. I love them (correction: I love mine. lol). And even though I come from a household that usually begs to differ, I can't help but make a big fuss out of another year well lived. Unfortunately, I couldn't do exactly what I always planned on doing this year, I still had an AMAZING time. Planning a show (FLAWLESS: June 18th 2011! Got your ticket? Click here.) around the same time as your birthday usually makes your birthday seem very insignificant. Despite that, I think I had the best birthday weekend EVER. I couldn't ask for better friends. Here are just a few photos for you. I tried something new. Y'all KNOW I love to try new things. So...check out the lipstick! I FELL.IN.LOVE. with Mac's "Rebel" lipstick. Its a very deep red/purple. I definitely intended on following the pink nude trend until I was told to try on this colour by the Mac consultant. BEAUTY-FULL

Jeans: Addition-Elle/ Jacket: Forever 21 PLUS/ Shoes: Torrid

Lipstick: Mac's "Rebel"

Wedge Heels: Torrid


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