July 19, 2011

FAME... A good night.

So, FAME went very well. It was nice to actually watch the show this time. Usually we're behind the scenes making sure that all of our girls are dressed perfectly but this time all of that was taken care of. Below is a photo of FOC with the very talented JUSTIN BIGNALL. We definitely feel honored to be showing in the same show as someone so talented and humble. KUDOS to all of the other designers that showed Friday night. Some of our favourites were Mina Danielle and DHBC. To die for. Special thanks to our models and to Velvet Blu Stylists for giving us this opportunity!

ALSO: Should I take this time to say that Garcia looked amazing Friday night?! Yes, she did! She decided to try out the Turban look and quite honestly; it went very well. Her earrings were also made by her in 15 minutes before we got to the show! (I think she's brewing something!) Also, my dress was made the night before the show by MOI! Although incomplete, it still managed to look pretty cute! 

My dress!


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