July 03, 2011

F.O.C. & Cool Cotery: Canada Day at the Beach

Whats better than gathering all the people you love and heading far out to enjoy the beach? You're right;-Nothing. (Except going to church, of course, hallelujah! lol) When the Cotery asked us to join them for a day basking in the sun, we didn't double think at all. With all of the stresses of our pre-launch and getting ready for another show, we haven't gotten the chance to really have some down time. So this invite was definitely our way of chilling out and having intimate time away. 

But of course, we're never really COMPLETELY off duty! We had to make sure that we looked cute for ya'll to see. We're bloggers; that's what we do! Nothing big, but just an idea of how you can play up your outfit when heading to the beach. Below are some photos of our amazing day out at Niagra's Crystal Beach. Special shout out to Cool Cotery. I would encourage everyone to take the time to gather your friends, whether new or old, and get some time away. Bring the grill, the blankets, the food, the sunblock and the intention to have a care-free and ridiculoussss time. 

Cardigan: Old Navy/ Shorts: Addition Elle/ Jewelery: Shauna's Closet

Cool Cotery!!! #COTER

It's very clear that we have difficulty posing together for photos.--This is good enough. lol

AND I...

Mesh Top: JAMAICAN VINTAGE!/ Denim Shorts: Forever 21 Plus/ Heels: Torrid/ Jewelry: Shauna's Closet

Chef Andrea!

Chef Shway!

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