July 15, 2011

Lazy dresser? Not Garcia.

I am almost sure that I was going to wear pajamas to our second CHRY 105.5 radio interview this week. I have no idea what made me look even HALF decent. But Garcia on the other hand...lets just say she felt like kicking it up a notch. Although very simple, she sure knows how to sexify her black-tee and jeans. With a simple wedge heel and her new white Aldo bag, no one could have taken her off of her own cloud nine. Special thanks to DJ Manifest who really did make FOC feel welcome Monday morning.

Everyone make sure you're at todays FAME "Turn up the lights" Fashion show!

Distressed Jeans: Rainbow/ Shirt: Addition Elle/  Garcia's famous Heels: Torrid/ Handbag: ALDO

Left: Garcia Marie & Right: DJ Manifest at CHRY

Sashagai dancing up a storm when DJ Manifest started playing Shi Wisdom- LoveSpeak!!

DJ Manifest doing his thing!

AWESOME interview and an AWESOME privilege. 

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