July 04, 2011

Never goodbye, Tika Simone. Just "See you later".

What can I say? I've known Tika Simone since I was a young one. Watching her grow to this point is in some ways mind-boggling but in most ways predictable. I always knew that Tika wasn't made for the every day cycle. She was always dynamic, loud and captivating. She's been great to me personally and amazing to Flaws of Couture. So her leaving us right now is hard but we want the best for her. Her last Intimate and Interactive truly struck a cord with us. Tika started something so great and it definitely doesnt end here. We want to send a special thank you to Tika Simone for supporting us and for continuously lending a hand. We won't say goodbye--for us, it's "see you later."

We LOVE you.-FOC

Sashagai XO.

Flaws of Couture w/ Tika Simone at her Farewell Intimate and Interactive!

Tamara Madison and I. We go way back, high school days. So proud of her. Check her out: Tamara Madison! 

Garcia and Tika Simone right before the begging of the last I&I.

Tika looking posh and ready before the show. We were LOVING her shoes...

...Hence the reason why we got a close up. These are from Aldo and they are a size 11 ladies! 

Denim Jacket: Thrift/ Skirt: Forever 21 PLUS/ Jewelry: Shauna's Closet/ Zebra Heels: Burlington Coat Factory

Lipstick: From Sephora. (Sephora's line)

Probably  arguing with Garcia...lol

Polka Dotted Top: H&M/ Belt & Jewelry: Shauna's Closet/ Leggings: Addition-Elle/ Wedge Heels: Torrid

Beautiful engineer of Cool Cotery, Miss Wilson.
The one and only, C.Wilson and Cool Cotery.

The DYNAMIC, Tamara Madison. Ripped the show up. To piecesssss...

Tika Simone and her amazing protege, Savannah Re.

Where it all started...I'm convinced that "truly"...it will never end.


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