August 12, 2011

Designer's Closet 2011!

Designer's Closet means quite a bit to us since it was the first young & local fashion show we ever attended. Believe it or not, that show sparked a lot of new ideas and inspirations within our lives. So when we found out that it was going to be annual, we knew that we would have to be there. Designer's for the night were, Meshia's Closet, Justin Bignall, Olivia Rubens, Beaucoup and Shauna Bob. All of whom did an awesome job with their Fall/Winter Collections. This show was strictly fashion which is a very bold decision to make seeing that music and fashion have become so synonymous. We would just like to thank Designer's Closet for having us while they put on a very fashion filled night. Also, a special thanks to all of those whom we met in various areas of the industry! You all are awesome! Kudos.
Our highlight of the night undoubtedly would be OLIVIA RUBENS' Collection. There was something about her pieces that seemed so unique and thought out. Justin Bignall NEVER fails. You all know we are definitely Justin Bignall groupies! And Shauna Bob had these amazing Head Pieces that FOC has fallen in LOVE with. Beaucoup gave us Beaucoup! Again, never a fail. Always unique and spunky.  While Meshia's Closet showed us many ways to spunk up the casual wear.
Once again, KUDOS to ALL. 

Garcia and I on our way to Designer's Closet 2!

Button Up: Addition Elle/  Skirt: H&M/ Shoes: Torrid/ Hangbag: Aldo/ Earrings: Shauna's Closet

Mesh Back Floral Top: Forever 21 PLUS/ Bodycon skirt: Forever 21 PLUS/ Wedge Heels:  Torrid/ Jewelry: Shauna's Closet/ Lipstick-(Rouge) by Sephora  

Handbag: (A gift from New York) Certified Vegan


And the night began with:

Models from Meshia's Closet

Model from Meshia's Closet

Meshia's Closet model.

Meshia's Closet Model

  • Shauna Bob "Bobby" model.

Shauna Bob "Bobby" model.

Shauna Bob "Bobby" model.

Beaucoup model.

Beaucoup model.

The VERY popular with the ladies "Beaucoup" Model.


Olivia Rubens model.

Olivia Rubens.

Designs by Olivia Rubens.

Designs by Olivia Rubens.

Mr. Myles Sexton's ,(Very talented make up artist/photographer/model), runway shoes while walking for Olivia Rubens .

Designs by Justin Bignall

Designs by Justin Bignall

Designs by Justin Bignall

Designs by Justin Bignall
Justin Bignall and the host for the night.

Krystle Chari (Hair Stylist for Designer's Closet) & Garcia Marie

Sashagai & Krystle Chari (Hair Stylist for Designer's Closet)

Sashagai & Iris, Lady of Beaucoup.

Sashagai and the very busy show coordinator, Christine Minton.

Flaws of Couture and the exotic Myles Sexton! Twas awesome meeting you Myles!


Flaws of Couture (aka) Fabulous Fatties!! Haha according to Krystle Chari!

Flaws of Couture.

Myles Sexton and Beaucoup.

Designer Olivia Rubens who was definitely our Favourite designer for the night.

Garcia and the beautiful Host of the night.

Garcia Marie and one of the most popular models for the night! The girls couldn't stop hollaring!

Our fashionable new friend! Looked awesome girl!

Congratulations to both Christine Minton and Justin Bignall who clearly put a lot of work into this years show!



  1. You all look FANTASTIC and Olivia Rubens tore it up!! Her designs are sensational! Kiah

  2. right?!! she awesome! and thanks so much for the love kiah, you're amazing! xoxo