August 16, 2011

Flaws of Couture: Wardrobe Revamping!

Amanda was a blessing to us. When we put on our soft launch this June 18th, one of our models dropped out on us a day before the show! Although these are things you must expect when planning a show, we were caught off guard! But in came Amanda, a high school friend of mine who just happened to be available for the show! (No modelling experience prior to this, by the way!) We thank God for her every day because she turned out to be one of our most liked models! So when she told us that she needed a wardrobe revamping, we said "HECK YEAH!" We definitely wanted to make her feel better in her wardrobe. She's already a beautiful face/body; it wouldn't hurt to be stylish too! 

Amanda fluctuates between a size 12 and 14! We took her to Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21 and WalMart within the short time we had her! It was great. Below are some photos of some of her new pieces! 


Amanda Kerman at Flaws of Couture's soft Launch on June 18th, 2011. Wearing a Flaws of Couture dress.

Everyday Amanda....

Amanda's signature outfit. This is an every day pick for her.

Sashagai going through some professional wear for Amanda.

Sashagai & Amanda.

Garcia Marie looking for some dresses...

Both Garcia and I explaining to Amanda the importance of "staple pieces".

At Old Navy, about to try on another pair of shorts!

Amanda found her favourite pair of jeans!

Amanda went crazy on the shoes! All for under $60 bucks at Wal Mart!

Amanda decided to pass on this blue number...She'd rather comfort!

Cutie Pie...
Teal Ruffle Top: H&M/ Wide Leg Jeans: Old Navy/ Shoes:Wal Mart


Striped Dress: H&M/ Shoes: Wal Mart


Tribal Print Sweater: Forever 21 PLUS/ Light washed Capri: Old Navy/ Heels: Walmart
**(Amanda's favourite outfit!)**

Life of the Party...
Metallic Gold Leopard Print Dress: Forever 21 PLUS/ Heels: Wal Mart

Wild One...
Top: Forever 21/ Olive Leopard Print Jeans: Forever 21 PLUS/ Clog Heels: Wal Mart/ Bag: Ardene

Lady in Red...
Top: Forever 21 PLUS/ Red Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21 PLUS/ Heels: Wal Mart

Tom Girl...
Top: Forever 21 Plus/ Shorts: Old Navy/ Black Flats: Wal Mart/ Bag: Ardene

Top: Forever 21 Plus/ Polka Dot Skirt: Forever 21 PLUS/  Black Flats: Wal Mart/ Clutch: Thrifted

Autumn Fun...
Top: Forever 21 Plus/ Grey Jeans: Forever 21/ Booties: Wal MArt

Here ends a long day....Thank you Amanda!
Sashagai & Amanda.

Don't worry...they really do like each other....

Garcia Marie and Amanda's goodnight hug!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE all of these outfits! Great job ladies!


  2. thanks si much DAWWWLLINGGG! We appreciate it! Taking a look at your site right now!!!!...AMAZING! You are so beautiful!! I'm following following following so follow back!! xoxoxo