August 29, 2011

Flaws of Couture "Style to Surprise" Penningtons Event

We were SUPER excited when Penningtons contacted us to be a part of the Fall "Styled to Surpise" Event/Campaign. We actually had to pinch ourselves to make sure that we were truly awake. Everyone knows that Fall attire is FOC's favourite, so joining Penningtons while they launched their fall wear was something we were so excited to be involved with. Besides all of the amazing pieces present, we got to meet the amazing people that make Penningtons what it is. It was so nice mingling with our fellow full figured blogger of Toronto! We enjoyed every minute of it! Especially the LIMO that Penningtons sent for us and the 150 dollar shopping spree that we got to splurge on! We will definitely be posting soon on all of the pieces that we got from Penningtons at the event! Great flair and such refreshing and trendy looks! 

Outifts: Garcia's- Jeans: Forever 21/ Top: Vintage/ Jewlery: Shauna's Closet/ Clutch: Aldo/ Heels: Torrid
Sasha's-Complete outfit including the fringe skirt: Forever 21/ Heels: Torrid

Our personal photographer for the night! Valentine <3

The AMAZING Karen ward of  the blog Curvy Canadian
The beautiful ladies: (Right) Sarah of the blog Garters & Stockings & Sadia of the blog  Rawr Manifesto.

Some of us bloggers when arriving at Penningtons before the event!

Garcia and I in front of our ride! 

Sadia of Rawr Manifesto.

Penningtons' New York Stylist who flew in to help style for the event!

Garcia had a crush on this fire fighter...To be honest; I think he had a crush too.

Flaws of Couture and Penningtons' Giselle. 

Adrienne of Big Girls Bigger Dreams.

He's kinda cute...

Serious face when shopping. lol

Garcia getting her make-up done by the MUA on site.

Some of the people that make things happen.

The WONDERFUL Melissa Smich and Valentine doing some paper work.

Melissa is just a happy and sweet as she looks in this photo!

The ladies who work at this location of Penningtons! They were so helpful!

The "Sashas". 

Flaws of Couture w/ Fraceta Johnson of Frantic Dreams.

Our ride back in the Escalade...

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  1. Awesome blog post ladies! This was a great event, and it was great seeing you guys again! I'm sure we'll hang out again really soon. *plans in the works*

  2. Thank you and for sure for sure! If you need any help at all with planning, let us know! We'll be glad to help out!

  3. LOVE it and was great meeting you lovely ladies :) xoxox

  4. it was even greater meeting you Melissa!! Thanks again xoxoxo