August 20, 2011

FOC loves "Da Kink In My Hair"!

Coming from a strong theater background and being a theater actress 8 years, it's always a blessing when you get to sit back and watch a great show. Da Kink In My Hair has been playing boldly for the last two weeks at the Harborfront Center with great reviews. We were lucky enough to be one of the first groups to watch it once it landed in Toronto. We do recommend "Da Kink" to everyone that has a heart for riveting theater. What we loved best was the rawness, the energy and the cast's ability to truly become their characters. I connected with each and every woman on that stage. There was never a moment where I felt that anyone held back. Every line, every remark, every step and glance was done with such heart and compassion. To be honest, we were truly changed. We did not leave that theater the same as we came in. I've never been prouder of my weaves, braids, locks or twists. I've never been prouder of the colour of my skin.

Kudos to the whole cast and crew. Special shout out to my fam Tika Simone who did an amazing job! Also to Trey Anthony (The Phenomenal Woman behind Da Kink), for being so helpful and patient with us when purchasing our additional tickets! You are truly amazing. 

For tickets contact the BOX OFFICE at (416) 973-4000 ! You MUST go and see this play. Black, white, woman or man...This will be your break through.

Sashagai FOC
Some of the beautiful Cast members of "Da Kink In My Hair".

Garcia and I before the show...

Denim Vest: Vintage/ Leggings: Addition Elle/ Shoes: Torrid/ Tassel Handbag: H&M/ Earrings: Garcia's DIY

Garcia's DIY (Do it yourself) Earrings. Hot, huh?.

Shrug: Addition Elle/ Leggings: Addition Elle/ Lace Undershirt: Forever 21/ Shoes: Payless/ Hangbag: Thrifted/ Jewlery: Shauna's Closet


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