August 17, 2011

I've got a Testimony! (Sweet Treat)

It's always super nice to hear good things from people like you who've been visiting the blog! We appreciate your support and understand that nothing would be possible if you all weren't popping in ever so often! We thought we'd leave a sweet treat with you all. Just to show that the little things matter and that other people like yourself are being helped out by FOC too! 

"I should totally buy more shoes at walmart! I'm such a nube when it comes to foot wear and generally only buy shoes when I need to for work. So I have foot anxiety when it comes to making an outfit because nothing ever goes! Plus I have wide feet and am stuck on the concept that nice foot wear is only made in small sizes. But walmart, that is a great idea : ) thanks foc you saved the day!"...
-Carol Finoro, Brampton Ontario

"Thank you so much Sashagai and Garcia!!! I had a blast and am loving these pics and all my clothes! You have yet again done a wonderful job!"
-Amanda Kerman, Brampton Ontario

Let us know if we've been any help to you. Leave it by commenting on a post or emailing us! ( We'd love to hear from you! And who knows, we may just send something special to you made specially by FOC!!
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