September 22, 2011

Brittney Fisher (Canada's Plus Model Winner) Supports FOC

Our apologies for the lack of outfit posts. You would think it would be so much easier seeing that there's two of us (Not the case in September..). We've been SUPER busy getting this years scarves ready for you all and working on our upcoming projects for FOC. We promise that the wait will be worth it and that our outfit posts will be BANGIN! haha. In the meantime, we need you all to help us out by voting for our look in the Addition Elle Blogger Styling Contest! We were blessed enough to be contacted to do some styling for Addition Elle a little while ago and now the looks are out and available for all to see! PLUS, we're allowed to release any behind the scenes photos we had! Above was a video of Brittney Fisher (Canada's Plus Model Winner), ranting about how much she LOVVVESS Flaws of Couture. We love her more. She completely ROCKED our outfits. We couldn't have been given anyone better to work these outfits. She gave us everything we asked for and more. Enjoy the photos below and go Go GO right away to vote for Flaws of Couture's look! And vote DAILY! Thanks guys!! We owe ya!
Vote HERE.

All of the BEAUTIFUL models.

Brittney Fisher and I.

Garcia and Brittney Fisher.

Let me tell you....this girl WORKS a photo shoot....


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  1. I need all of these clothes. This makes me wanna shop so bad. Love F.O.C for real! This blog is happening. I adore that shirt girlfriiend is wearing, the black and white one....Super Cute!
    Love it!

  2. we love YOU for real lol! You're super cute! Thanks for the love hunnyyyyy!

    Sasha FOC