September 27, 2011

Says who?

I never knew how guilty I could feel for not posting. So I had to give you all a little something. It was a rainy day today in the GTA, hence, the umbrella. I've been obsessed with this "showing off a little stomach" trend that's been going on in the plus size community. Now generally, this "trend" isn't the best for people like me who have really short torsos and huge boobs. Regardless, I gave it a wack. I think it's liberating (I'm a nerd...I'm well aware of that lol). Who says only thin girls can show off a little tummy? Of course when we do it, we've got to do tastefully. But there's nothing wrong with that. To be tasteful is to be wise. 

I got my coral top from Old Navy and my jeans from Z. Cavaricci. The turban was a DIY with one of my favourite silk scarves and my heels are from Torrid. Like ALWAYS, my jewelry is from Shauna's Closet. (Her site will be up and running by the end of next month). Lips? Rouge by Sephora.

Let me know what you think! Comment, will yah!

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  1. You look so pretty! I love this look! And yes -- feel guilty for not posting because we miss you guys when you don't!! xo

  2. love love love the shoes and the cropped look looks good one you

  3. you look gorgeous diva!! love that tummy swag!! and the 2nd picture is classic!! LOL

  4. thanks ladies! I know we really feel guilty man! thanks for the love ladies!!! FOC xoxo.... man, I love when you guys comment! ugh!

  5. Amazing! I'm seeing so many plus size bloggers rip the "fat fashion" rules to shreds and I love it. Obviously you look amazing in everything but this is just wonderful on you!


  6. Oh my gosh, why am I just finding your blog...I feel sad just thinking about it! Your outfit, is to die. I love the leopard with the nude shoes, gurl your killem um! I love follower over here! Love this post and this look! You won me over chica!

  7. girrrrrlll. we cant believe we're just finding you either!!!! Thanks so much for following! We'll definitely be checking you out! You're beautiful by the way! Talk soon! Keep in touch! xoxoxo

    Sasha FOC