October 13, 2011

Autumn Beauty...

It's very seldom that a big girl gets the chance to let everyone know how comfortable she is in her own skin. Like everyone else, Garcia has her own insecurities but size is nowhere near the top of her list. What better way to show that then jumping on the "showing tummy" wagon? That's right...there's practically NO better way. lol. Today FOC decided to push the envelope a little further while enjoying a very warm mid October day. Don't you just LOVE Autumn....UGH. BEAUTIFUL.
PS...For those who can't seem to stand seeing fuller figured women showing tummy...we just want to remind you that FOC has never had the intentions of playing it safe or "dressing for our size"...it is to do the complete opposite while DOING IT WELL. Thank you so much for visiting!

Turban: Beauty Supply Warehouse/ Top: Addition Elle/ Maxi Skirt: Winners/ Shoes: Torrid

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  1. Wow! You look fantastic! You're totally working it! Love it.

  2. Thanks doll, I love this skirt I've been searching for a long time for the perfect one. -garcia

  3. love it!! nice nice nice pics..i'm loving the tummy swag!! nice location too!!