October 23, 2011

Wrapped with Love. (Birthday wraps for our girls)

So, we do a lot outside of the blogging world. Many of you know that we debuted our clothing line earlier this summer with a big bash at Dazzling Lounge. Since then, we've been working on broadening are involvement within the fashion/blogging community and its been WILD! We're loving everything that we've been getting involved with and all the people we've been meeting. Its been an amazing start to our journey!

But before we begin to put our pieces out for sale we wanted to show you what we do for our birthday girls who want an FOC touch on their big day! Very small post, but these are two of our friends who decided that an FOC wrap was the way to go for their bday. Let us know what you think!!!

COMMENT...Don't let me get violent! (kidding...)
Big shout out to everybody at KING TEXTILES by the way!

My Black Kardashian....

The "Oh Em Gee" Queen, Cham.




  1. Oh my God!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses, especially the white one.... i would soooooooo buy!!!!!!

    Hope your pieces come on sale soon..... i'm all excited inside...lol

    Check out my blog http://forbiddenvanity.blogspot.com

  2. will do! And I'm happy you like the dresses! Fingers crossed...hopefully they'll be out soon!