November 14, 2011

The Cuban Series: Dinner Date

It was another day on the beach followed by dinner. Once again, we decided to dress to impress. We actually really liked these outfits. Especially me...I, (Sasha),  think this might have been my FAVOURITE outfit throughout the whole vacation. Maybe its because of these shoes. I got them from Torrid, where most of my shoes come from. I'm supper girly, so I guess you could understand how the pink bow set off an alarm in my brain when I saw them. They are sooooo cute AND comfy! Garcia's red heels are also from Torrid, and I think those are one of her favourite pairs too. I made my shorts the day before we let for Cuba. They were originally capri's and I actually had planned to make them into "flag shorts", but I didn't have enough time. That's for another post!  Let us know what you think about the outfits! Do you like?



Mesh Top: Forever21/ Shorts: DIY/ Belt: Thrifted/ Shoes: Torrid/ Earrings: Shauna's Closet/Bag: Aldo

Top: Oldnavy/ Earrings: Forever21/ Shorts: Walmart/ Heels: Torrid/ Bag: H&M

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