November 07, 2011

The Cuban Series: We're BACK from CUBA!!

Heyyyy guys!!!!!!! We've been in Varadero Cuba for a week and weren't able to do any posts while we were away! Our apologies to all the people who we haven't been able to respond to and to all of you who have been waiting on a post! We've taken many photos of our awesome trip, so we'll be releasing them in moderation for you all to see!!!

Our trip to Cuba was definitely an learning experience for us. We loved the people, the beach, the weather and our tanned skin! We were serenaded, wined and dined and treated like royalty at our dinner reservation below. We made it mandatory that we dressed up for every dinner date we had. (We had you all in mind EVERY step of the way. No joke.) Let us know what you think.

So excited to be back!

PS..SUPER thanks to Addition Elle for sending the CUTEST studded tank to us while we were gone! We're almost positive that MXM's Holiday pieces are even more amazing this year!
We'll be sure to post it soon!

Tank: Oldnavy/ Maxi Skirt: Winners/ Wedges: Torrid/ Clutch: Aldo/ Earrings: H&M

Ruffled top: Oldnavy/ Bodycon skirt & Jewlery: Forever 21/ Heels: Torrid/ Lipstick: Rouge by Sephora

We eventually were going to go party so we HAD to change our shoes and things....




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  1. aww..looks like you guys had fun!! wish i was there!!