November 08, 2011

Tika Simone's "EPIC" The Known Unknown

You already know Tika Simone is family to me. Everything she does and stands for is sooooo down my lane so it's always a pleasure to be at her shows to support and enjoy a good night. Just like Tika, I am a very well rounded person. I believe in rights for all people. Nothing means more to me than my relationship with God and equal rights for all people. Everyone deserves the right to be comfortable in their own skin. Period. Point blank. I believe our world is way too full of judgement and lack of heart. So when people want to get out there to support and love, I'm all over it! "EPIC" was in support of the [Black Queer Youth Initiative]. In my opinion, an initiative that isn't supported nearly enough. For those of you who have your reasons to detest, I just ask that you first educate yourself and make sure that your opinions aren't solely due to ignorance before passing judgement. We are all entitled to our opinion...that is the beautiful thing about us. But just remember, we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made!

The night was awesome like always. Amazing talent. The highlights of the night for me would have to be no other than Jelly Too Fly who once again SHUT IT DOWN. Bizzarh, a VERY talented and fashion forward duo. And Staasia Daniels who REALLY got me with her "11o'clock" single. Once again, Tika Simone had an amazing and successful line up. VERY FASHION FORWARD CROWD BY THE WAY!

Special Shout out to the door/cash girls, Lambadina Lounge and DJ Smartiez who NEVER fails.

XOXO, Sash.

Tika Simone & JStaxxx

BIZZARH. Get what I mean by "fashion forward"? Love the style.

Jelly Too Fly

DJ Smartiez & JStaxxx

These ladies had the most fly head wraps. Loved it. 

Kami and Casey of UNBUTTONED

Staasia Daniels tearing it up...

Staasia's mother is the BIGGEST support system of LIFE. Warms my heart. You go girl!

Misha Q

This beautiful curvaceous vixen that I met that night. Such a sweety.

Savannah Re and Misha Q

Where am I? You wouldn't have enjoyed what I was wearing anyway lol.
Love you guys.


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