It's always nice to feel fresh, live fresh and look fresh. That's what Garcia was going for today. She always has a knack for making something so simple look so refreshing. It's clear in the photo below that it's extremely cold outside lol. We do live in Canada for goodness sake. But obviously for you guys, we sacrifice our warmth. Haha. I think it's fair to say that Garcia looked extremely "classic" today. Beautiful.

So from head to toe: Cardigan: Value Village (thrifted) / Undershirt: Walmart/ Belt: Shauna's Closet/ Jeans: Forever21/ Heels: Lane Brant/ Handbag: ALDO/ Earrings: Value Village (thrifted)

Let us know what you think! And a special shout out to our new followers AND our devoted long-trimmers as well! We love you all!


Style4Curves said...

love it!!!

Just Daisy said...

I loveeeeeeeee this look!

So freaking cute girl :)


Cappucino/The Other Side of Me said...

Very comfortable and stylish look...I love it!

F.O.C. said...

Thanks ladies, that's exactly how I felt when I woke up, comfy but still always fashionable!
<3 Garcia

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