February 28, 2011

Thoughts of My Foolish Mind: Dedicated to Uniqueka Wilson

Flaws of Couture is much more to Garcia and I than you may think. I believe that there are many people who see and enjoy what we do. Whether it be the plus-size girl who now feels beautiful after reading our posts to the thin girl who just loves our fashion sense. There are many people who tune in and all of you take different things from it. We thank you. Thats what F.O.C. is about. We wanted to appeal to any and everyone. And thank God, we've been able to do that.

But on the other hand, we wanted to dig deeper into ourselves as girls of colour and of size. You don't need a scientist to tell you that full-figured girls are not ideal in 2011. Whether you want to say its changing or not, this is very much an issue in the Western World. People still are obsessed with being tiny and most men still admit to not wanting to be with a full figured women. And same goes for women. Although the poles are lower for women who don't accept bigger men, it's nowhere near as big of an issue as it is for the male population. Now my intentions are not to beg men to "like plus size" women, but rather to figure out truly what I stand for and what I represent. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was about to compromise who I was or even what I stood for to make someone else happy. Do I really still have a problem with who I am? Do I still feel bad about curves, rolls or dimples on my body? Do I still look at other big people and feel as though "they aren't right" because of their size? 

The answer is YES. I am still a work in progress. And I didn't know it until yesterday when I felt like I was being compared to someone else who was half my size. How can I expect others to see in me what I too can't see in myself? How wrong are guys for not "wanting" me when 20% of me doesn't want me either? I've always been a pretty confident girl, but as for assurance of my physical beauty...I've had it rough. I want to continue to motivate you and let you know how beautiful you are, but I've got to be honest with myself too! Even though I'm at an 80% right now...that 20% is vital to my health, mind and success. And most of all, to you. 

So "fake" is not what I want you to get from this, but rather the honestly of sharing this journey with you. I don't have all the answers and I can't change everyones mind. But I can show them how DOG'GARN gorgeous we really are.

Thats my foolish mind. 

Dedicated to Uniqueka Wilson, our "IT" Girl of the Week & blogger of the blog "Thoughts from a Foolish Mind" http://filthandwisdom.tumblr.com/

Uniqueka Wilson @ F.O.C. Shoot: Blogger of Thought from a Foolish Mind/ Member of Cool Cotery/ Writer & so much more.


-Sashagai of F.O.C

February 25, 2011

BLACK BARBIE dressed in Bulgari...I'm tryna leave in SOMEBODY'S Ferrari!

If you are fashion police, I have a crime for you! Clearly there are some things that BUSTY (huge boobs) women should stay far from. Certain print is one of them. BUT, if you know me, you'll know that I wear whatever I WANT! I know that people expect that fashion blogging is to keep people up to date with "whats in", but who's to say whats in for you? 

Now call me cheep, but I thought this top was so cute when I first laid eyes on it in Stitches Warehouse. You'll see why once you scroll down a bit. My sister says I look like a "Black Barbie" in these photos. Not intentional...as much as I love me some Nicki Minaj; Barbie ain't got nowhere near as much meat as I do! hahaha.
DID YOU KNOW: I bought this top for a DOLLAR! And the jeans on the other hand.....
Z.Cavarrchi Couture $75.00. (Torrid)


I look kinda creepy here BUT whatevvvvvvs. I still like it!

drum roll ...

Went into Winners today and fell in LOVE with these cute leather sling backs!

February 24, 2011

Something Small...Something Cute...

I just love to dress up. Don't know why, really. Some say I get it from my dad which could definitely be it. But no matter where I go lately, I end up looking like I was trying to dress to kill. I definitely wasn't. Headed to Josette's play at UofT last week, I decided to put on something other than jeans or leggings. This is what I ended up wearing. Once again, the skirt from Shauna's Closet Vintage and the top from BCBG. And yes, I had a "curly sue" moment. 
I kinda LOVE it. 

Sasha and Kyra (one of F.O.C.'s models) at Josette's show.

Kyra and Jasmine, Josettes little sister.

The show stopper herself, JOSETTE, and her loving partner in crime, CLAYTON.

February 23, 2011

FOC & COOL COTERY...Another meeting with the boys...

Just a day on the town with the men of COOL COTERY. As you guys know, we are planning to put on a show this MAY. BANANAS. That's all we're saying. 
Send all inquiries at flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com 

February 20, 2011


What can I say? This week was one of the roughest weeks I've had in a while. For those of you who didn't know; I was in a car accident a couple weeks ago and I've been in recovery ever since. But this week, I officially had to say goodbye to my Honda CR-V, Bonnie, WHO WAS HIT SO UNFAIRLY BY A TEXTING DRIVER. If you have a car, you know how I feel. Many people don't understand because they don't drive, but me...I'm always in my car. It's not a love for "material things" its just a love for MY car.

But anyhow...with the dismissal of Bonnie came the natural things in life like TAKING THE BUS.
Yup, Garcia and I took the bus. And although at first I was excited as to me it seems like an adventure....
It quickly changed into a nightmare when the wind started to pick up and water/mud was seeping into my cute Moccasin boots. "Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk", is what I screamed. But "Eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk" is what I will be screaming until another Bonnie falls out of the sky!
(Below is our weeks journey)

Yo. KUDOS TO ALLLLLLLL the bussers of the WORLD.

Self explanatory isn't it? 

Giving up the keys that are always in your hands...HARD.

DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE! I was one before...From texter to texter...STOP. It's not worth it and it could be worse!

My Grad Hat Tassel will always be the first piece of decor for my car...

It's only "See you later".

February 18, 2011





February 16, 2011

Casual is Cute Too

Looking good is all about feeling good. If you don't feel good, chances are you won't look it either. You don't always have to dress to kill in order to be stylish. My whole life; I've loved dressing up. Today, I am no different. But what I know now is that casual wear can be spruced up easily! On Valentine's day I went to see a play with a couple friends of mine who were all planning to dress up. Initially I planned to as well, but quickly changed my mind. I wanted to be comfortable, cute and flirty. So this is what I wore. You know what I wore best though?


Dress: BCBG/ Sweater: Suzy Sheir/ Tights: Addition Elle/ Jewlery: Forever 21/ Shoes: Payless