March 30, 2011


We were definitely IN when the CEO of SheSoFab Mag, Keneisha Williams, contacted us about doing the SheSoFab campaign shoot! We new that it would be a great opportunity but also a whole lot of fun. We count it a blessing to have been on Keneisha's mind when putting the campaign together. We met countless amounts of amazing women not only in our specific industry but the surrounding industries as well. From our stand point, we would say the shoot went smoothly without a single hitch. I guess thats what being FAB does! Once again, we want to thank the whole SheSoFab team for treating us like royalty and blessing us with the opportunity. I'd also like to thank Pureness S for the beautiful make-up job!!

Thanks again- SASHA & GARCIA

Be sure to check out SheSoFab Mag right before it launches completely! Its big now, but its going to be
"BIG". SheSoFab Mag 

March 23, 2011

We even make TOILET PAPER dresses!

Wedding showers are always something I look forward to. Especially for close friends of mine. One thing I get excited for are the games for the night! I've always wanted to play the TOILET PAPER wedding dress game and until a couple nights ago, I'd never made a dress out of toilet paper! CHALLENGE ON! Every table had to choose a model and make a wedding dress out of two rolls of toilet paper. The best dress would be chosen by the bridal party. 

OF COURSE, my table took the cake! See for yourself! That has got to be the best toilet paper dress you've ever seen! Thanks to Aisha (the model), Telicia Gordon (proffessional stylist) Tasheena and Serika for all the team work! We learned that being GENTLE was the key!!

I now design toilet paper dressed!!! haha. so much fun!

Telicia Gordon (Lisa): Professional Wardrobe Stylist (for her contact info email

They were close...BUT no cigar. SORRY.

W I N N E R !!!

Beautiful game host and bride's maid; Destinee Roberts.

Bride's maids deliberating....(they already knew we won!)

March 22, 2011

Pearls and Butterflies...

I love spring and since Canada is blessing us with such lovely warm weather I had to do a quick post before I went out. This top is one of my favs simply because it's see-through and I can wear nothing but a bra underneath. Curvy girls always feel pressured to hide or layer up to avoid rolls showing every now and again. I say SCREW THAT!! 
If you do it tastefully, you should be more than fine!
Spring is around the corner and you've got to flaunt it baby!

Top: Addition-elle/ Jeans: F21/ Jacket: oldnavy/ Shoes: Payless Shoesource/ Bag: Winners

March 20, 2011

I SHOOK my BOOTY for this shirt!

Somehow, I've always found myself in really odd situations. Yesterday, I was running around Bramalea City Centre trying to find a cute top to wear to my girl-friend's wedding shower. I decided that I'd go into Oldnavy seeing that it's one of my favourite places to shop. Just my luck, EVERYTHING was 30% off-------
Provided that you "SHAKE YOUR BOOTY" at the cash register before purchasing!! 
I've got to admit, when I was first told I was shocked! But it was so much fun! They had the DJ booth going and everything. It was awesome, and so is my 30% discounted leopard top! 

Top: Oldnavy/ Jeans: Z.Cavarcci (Torrid)/ Heals: Payless Shoe Source/ Belt: Levi's

Peach Bag: (personal stylist: Shauna's Vintage Closet)

NOTE: For the "bigger" girls with the big tahtahs (like me)! Usually I wouldn't recommended waist belts when you have a large chest. In this case, you really have to use your discretion. Waist belts make large breast look LARGER---Unless you figure out a way to make it compliment your outfit instead of it being the focal point!  

March 19, 2011


We all have 'em. We all get super excited when they come around...whether you want to admit it or not! BIRTHDAYS!
This year Garcia decided to go "small" for celebration but "BIG" for creativity. Feeling inspired like usual, Garcia decided to make her birthday skirt the night before. And that is exactly what she did. Below are just some photos of her birthday night and her F.O.C. "rushed" creation!!

Garcia's birthday-skirt (version #1) with leopard print mini skirt. 

Garcia "made from scratch"  (version #2) birthday skirt.

Wacky hair days are allowed when your stuntin'!!

March 05, 2011

Anything for a Friend

I agree with the person who said that March should be wiped off the calendar because there's TOO many birthdays! As busy as we are with planning for our show in MAY, we had to remember to make time for our friend Adriana who was going out to celebrate her 21st BDAY. Although skeptical and afraid of the outcome, Adriana managed to take our instructions which were to "shut up and let F.O.C, do the work". Instead of a store bought top, we decided to wrap Adriana in pink material in hopes of creating an over-sized bow on her shoulder. 
Mission complete. Garcia and I have a thing for wrapping and drapery. Let's just say we're pretty darn good at it. We enjoy styling our friends for occasions...the outcome is always better than we expect.
Below are some photos....
(ignore our's not about us! lol)

Yup! We even adjust bras...haha.

Creating the bow, after wrapping.

Can you tell she's ready to party?...

Fine tuning...

Garcia nit-picking....

Jewelery hunt...

Team work. Beautiful Bow, Beautiful Outfit. An F.O.C. special....