July 23, 2011

Finally! Footage from FAME Fashion Show!

So, unfortunately we didn't get to really post any pictures from Fame because I forgot to charge my camera battery lol. I thought that we were doomed but this is exactly why I love videographers! I just found this AMAZING video of the FAME fashion show on Kid Kut's blog! Check the video out. Although EVERYONE looks awesome, I just can't get enough of how HOT our FOC girls look!
Awesome night!
(Kudos to whoever did this video...we need to find you asap! lol)


Image from Tallulah Doll.com

Kid Kut.com

July 21, 2011

I get so excited!

So I made it a point to make something new today after I came in from work. Today was a record breaking 37 degree Celsius in Toronto! In other words--HOT! What better way to cool down than stepping in to a well air conditioned home and having a date with the sewing machine?! That's what I decided to do for an hour today! Make something hot! I was attempting at first to make this dress for myself, but instead I decided that my sister could work this one (along side anyone else that is a size 14). You'll see a lot of our "half & half" dresses this summer. Its something we absolutely love. It gives us the ability to have best of both words, in a BOLD & RAW way.

Tell me what you think.


July 20, 2011


Words cannot explain how honored we feel to have so many people interested in what Flaws of Couture has to offer. We've been blessed enough to meet great people who have taken the time to write about us in their magazines, blogs etc. We want to give a special thank you to Tallulah Doll.com and SHESOFAB Magazine for supporting Flaws of Couture. Below are the posts/ads that both of these blogazines posted about FOC. Feel free to click and read! Also, Make both of these magazines one of your daily reads from here on out! 

Keneisha "SHESOFAB" Williams

Miss Tallulah


July 19, 2011

FAME... A good night.

So, FAME went very well. It was nice to actually watch the show this time. Usually we're behind the scenes making sure that all of our girls are dressed perfectly but this time all of that was taken care of. Below is a photo of FOC with the very talented JUSTIN BIGNALL. We definitely feel honored to be showing in the same show as someone so talented and humble. KUDOS to all of the other designers that showed Friday night. Some of our favourites were Mina Danielle and DHBC. To die for. Special thanks to our models and to Velvet Blu Stylists for giving us this opportunity!

ALSO: Should I take this time to say that Garcia looked amazing Friday night?! Yes, she did! She decided to try out the Turban look and quite honestly; it went very well. Her earrings were also made by her in 15 minutes before we got to the show! (I think she's brewing something!) Also, my dress was made the night before the show by MOI! Although incomplete, it still managed to look pretty cute! 

My dress!


July 17, 2011


It's very seldom that someone as short as I am finds a maxi dress that truly works. I am happy to say that I bought this dress from Wal Mart last year and its still doing the job. Usually, the maxi dress is recommended for the longer body...well...not in this case! This dress is one of my favorites! So many compliments, I've lost count! Wal-Mart is an awesome place for thin & full figured girls to go and pick up a reasonably priced dress (or outfit for that matter)! I paired it with this BEAUTIFUL denim jacket that I found in my closet after doing a deep clean. I'm almost 100% sure that its "family vintage". Definitely belonged to my mother back in the day. With some accessories from ALDO ACCESSORIES, I was ready to conquer the day!

Maxi Dress: Wal-Mart/ Accessorries: ALDO/ Denim Jacket: Vintage


July 16, 2011

One thing I know is that WE CLEAN UP WELL. (BEFORE & AFTER)

We all know what we look like before we put it ALL together. My cousin Whitney had her prom a few weeks ago and I decided that I had to be there with her for the day. From the hair salon to the makeup shop, we definitely had a lot on our plates. Despite the fact that she was running behind time, I had to capture every moment, just to prove that a little makeup/hair-do/and confidence can make the WORLD of a difference. I'm sure she'll DIE when she sees these "before" photos, but I'm sure it'll all be worth it once she sees the "AFTERS". She made me want to go to prom ALL OVER AGAIN. One thing that FLAWS OF COUTURE stands for is emphasis and the importance of daring yourself. Whitney did just that with her dress choice! Being fuller in size doesn't have to mean "covering up"...just means show it off, but "tastefully". 





July 15, 2011

Lazy dresser? Not Garcia.

I am almost sure that I was going to wear pajamas to our second CHRY 105.5 radio interview this week. I have no idea what made me look even HALF decent. But Garcia on the other hand...lets just say she felt like kicking it up a notch. Although very simple, she sure knows how to sexify her black-tee and jeans. With a simple wedge heel and her new white Aldo bag, no one could have taken her off of her own cloud nine. Special thanks to DJ Manifest who really did make FOC feel welcome Monday morning.

Everyone make sure you're at todays FAME "Turn up the lights" Fashion show!

Distressed Jeans: Rainbow/ Shirt: Addition Elle/  Garcia's famous Heels: Torrid/ Handbag: ALDO

Left: Garcia Marie & Right: DJ Manifest at CHRY

Sashagai dancing up a storm when DJ Manifest started playing Shi Wisdom- LoveSpeak!!

DJ Manifest doing his thing!

AWESOME interview and an AWESOME privilege. 

July 08, 2011

Wake the HELL up Garcia!!!!

They say, "The early bird catches the worm." Well clearly, Garcia wasn't catching ANYTHING today! Eleven o'clock and Garcia was still cuddled up like a baby in bed! Excuses, excuse,excuse! I'm not saying anything is wrong with sleeping in now and again, but when you got stuff to do...THERE'S NO SUCH THING! The benefits of being an early riser are many.. 10 Benefits of Early Rising )! If you wake up mid day...the day is already over! You missed it! Think of it like this; you'll have a lot of sleeping in time when you die. Don't get me wrong, I was once a "sleeper-inner" but once Flaws of Couture started taking off ...Early riser I became! But its so worth it. You feel so much better when you're up early. Try it out people, its better for your health too! After all, what do you have if you don't have God and your health?

Not a thing.

(Garcia was working 4 days straight. Waking up at 7am for the last few days so we'll give her a pass since this was her day off!)

July 04, 2011

Never goodbye, Tika Simone. Just "See you later".

What can I say? I've known Tika Simone since I was a young one. Watching her grow to this point is in some ways mind-boggling but in most ways predictable. I always knew that Tika wasn't made for the every day cycle. She was always dynamic, loud and captivating. She's been great to me personally and amazing to Flaws of Couture. So her leaving us right now is hard but we want the best for her. Her last Intimate and Interactive truly struck a cord with us. Tika started something so great and it definitely doesnt end here. We want to send a special thank you to Tika Simone for supporting us and for continuously lending a hand. We won't say goodbye--for us, it's "see you later."

We LOVE you.-FOC

Sashagai XO.

Flaws of Couture w/ Tika Simone at her Farewell Intimate and Interactive!

Tamara Madison and I. We go way back, high school days. So proud of her. Check her out: Tamara Madison! 

Garcia and Tika Simone right before the begging of the last I&I.

Tika looking posh and ready before the show. We were LOVING her shoes...

...Hence the reason why we got a close up. These are from Aldo and they are a size 11 ladies! 

Denim Jacket: Thrift/ Skirt: Forever 21 PLUS/ Jewelry: Shauna's Closet/ Zebra Heels: Burlington Coat Factory

Lipstick: From Sephora. (Sephora's line)

Probably  arguing with Garcia...lol

Polka Dotted Top: H&M/ Belt & Jewelry: Shauna's Closet/ Leggings: Addition-Elle/ Wedge Heels: Torrid

Beautiful engineer of Cool Cotery, Miss Wilson.
The one and only, C.Wilson and Cool Cotery.

The DYNAMIC, Tamara Madison. Ripped the show up. To piecesssss...

Tika Simone and her amazing protege, Savannah Re.

Where it all started...I'm convinced that "truly"...it will never end.