November 28, 2011

Art of Raw

Honestly, I was SO excited to dress up and have a carefree time the other night. I messaged Garcia ahead of time explaining what I wanted to wear. It may not seem like much, but I was going for a sexy but cozy feel. I got this amazing top from Forever 21. I absolutely LOVE the print. The shorts were from Value Village (thifted). They were actually full jeans and I ended up cutting them before we went out. Can anyone say D.I.Y.? I can! I paired everything up with the SUPER cute wedge booties that we got from Lane Bryant. Garcia was wearing hers too, in black! And finally, I've extended my love for tights! I love these sheer ones from Addition Elle....sexaaayyyy! Oh! And my earrings are from DOTS. The bag is from Value Village

Garcia is wearing this HOT cargo vest from Old Navy. In the photo below she has a cream leather jacket over it so roll down to get a good look at the vest! Paired with black leggings and the cute Lane Bryant wedges I spoke of earlier. Her jewelry is from Shauna's Closet here in Toronto and her striped bag is from no other than Aldo Accessories! Cute, eh?! We did all this cuteness for a night at The Art of Raw. A hiphop showcase featuring some of the most talented inner city rap artists in the game. One of them being Jelly Too Fly who you guys already know is our fav. Others included Moses, Freshco P and many more. Great experience, great people, great environment, great night. 


Sometimes I look extremely happy...

This man wanted to make sure we knew how beautiful we were. Especially Garcia. lol

So, like we said...COMMENT.



November 22, 2011

Penningtons Styled To Surprise

A little while back, we were invited by Penningtons to witness an amazing surprise that they had in store for Penningtons customers! The Magic Mirror was such an amazing treat for us all to see. We're sure that all of you will enjoy it as well! You have got to go in a witness it yourself. Here's a quick preview and below that is another quick post on our Beach days while in Varadero Cuba!

Enjoy! xoxo

Just a little treat for you guys. I'm sure you were wondering what we wore on the beach while we were in Cuba. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time before leaving to get the BEST swimsuits. So it was kind of  a make-shift thannnnggg. Either way...enjoy! 

Welcome to all of our new tumblr followers! We LOVVVESS you!