December 30, 2011

Goodbye to Sake & Soul...

Goodbyes are never nice. No matter how you put it, its always really hard to let go of something you really enjoy. Although Garcia and I weren't constant Sake & Soul partiers, we did come out ever so often to show our support and listen to "good" music. I myself am not the "club" scene kinda girl, so when Sake & Soul was introduced to me, it was truly like a breath of fresh air. Dancing, good music, Canadian artist SUPPORT, good and positive energy at no other than Dazzling Lounge here in Downtown Toronto. There are no words to explain the success that James Lowe (Founder of S&S) and his team have accomplished with this event. And although we are unsure of the reason why last night was the last Sake & Soul, we're sure there is only better up ahead for the team. Kudos. Love FOC xoxo.

Garcia and I went with a spunky casual look for last night. Outfit details below. Tell us what you think guys!
And WELCOMEEEE to all of our new followers! 

The BEAUTIFUL Faven & Garcia
Leather Pannel Leggings: Addition Elle/ Orange Cardigan: Sirens/  Necklace: Forever 21/  Earrings: Thrifted/ Shoes: Lane Bryant 

Top: Thrifted (Value Village)/ Jeans: Voluptuous/ Shoes: Lane Bryant/ Bag (That's not in this photo lol): Thrifted (Value Village)

Garcia and Jelly Too Fly
Have we ever told you guys how much we ADORE you???
Well...we do!


December 18, 2011

Confused on where to find FOC Scarves?

Hey famolayyyy! Just clearing up some confusion where getting FOC products is concerned. We may start communicating with you guys through V-LOG more often in the upcoming year. Testing it out! Below the video are some photos of some of our scarves for those of you who still encounter difficulty after watching this video! Lots of Love. xoxo


Above were just a few of what he had and have in store for this season. Don't forget to email us at to order!

December 12, 2011

Relaxed...Feeling Good

I honestly cannot even tell you what my inspiration was or how I was feeling when I put myself together yesterday night. All I knew was that i was wearing red lipstick (Thank God for Caryl Baker Visage gloss), and I was once again wearing shorts since my addiction to them in the winter has only increased. Honestly, I felt really plain yesterday, and I was really counting on my lips and LONG feather earrings to do the job. So for something rushed, I think this look deserves a pat on the back. Just something small for you guys! So excited for Christmas by the way!
Loveeess ya!

Earrings: Wet Seal/ Black Aviator Vest: Forever21/ Shorts: Forever21/ Undershirt: Penningtons/ Shoes: Lane Bryant....AND MY BEAUTIFUL HANDBAG....:Aldo. Thank you to the lovely person who surprised me with the gift of my dreams! 

Merry Christmas!!!

December 08, 2011


It's always nice to feel fresh, live fresh and look fresh. That's what Garcia was going for today. She always has a knack for making something so simple look so refreshing. It's clear in the photo below that it's extremely cold outside lol. We do live in Canada for goodness sake. But obviously for you guys, we sacrifice our warmth. Haha. I think it's fair to say that Garcia looked extremely "classic" today. Beautiful.

So from head to toe: Cardigan: Value Village (thrifted) / Undershirt: Walmart/ Belt: Shauna's Closet/ Jeans: Forever21/ Heels: Lane Brant/ Handbag: ALDO/ Earrings: Value Village (thrifted)

Let us know what you think! And a special shout out to our new followers AND our devoted long-trimmers as well! We love you all!