November 27, 2012

"Edit" by Jeanne Beker at Addition Elle

Last week, it was our complete pleasure to be in the presence of THEE Jeanne Beker herself and Addition Elle for the preview of Jeanne's new plus size line, "Edit". We're so excited for what Jeanne has in store for us plus size girls. From what were shown, we got a really fresh and girly feel from the pieces presented. The first photo below shows just some of the pieces to look forward to. Ladies, I suggest you keep your eyes glued to Addition Elle, because there is SO MUCH in store. We have complete respect for Addition Elle and everything they are doing right now to refresh the brand. Amazing steps into the right direction!

On a side note, we were so happy to give Jeanne Beker her own Flaws of Couture scarf! We were so emotional LOL! It meant the world to us to give her a little piece of FOC, let alone be in her presence! Special thank you to Addition Elle for continuing to include us on the amazing journey of Addition Elle! It is honestly ALWAYS a pleasure.

xo FOC


@Flawsof Couture

November 20, 2012


Hey guys, I haven't put up anything in a while, I know its bad, but I am back! My life has been cray lately and I am trying to be a good student by staying focused that's part of the reason I have been m.i.a. Fall is here and I kinda hate it. I know the blog world is obsessed with fall but I don't really like the cold. I am a spring/summer girl so I'm just getting by with this weather. Fortunately I can't complain too much because the weather in Toronto has been amazing lately. I just threw something together for you all with these bomb python print pants from Addition-Elle. These pants are super comfy and can be worn with so many different colors.I chose to keep it simple with the grey scale because the pop of red on my lips. I normally stay away from red lips because I think it ages me and I have never found the perfect shade but I think I'm in love. This lip stain is called crimson crush from E.L.F and it is to die for. I kept it simple with the jewelry, just wanted a cool/chill kind of look.

Go and check out the Addition-Elle website they have more patterns and prints in this style of pant.

Sweater: Lane Bryant/ Pants: Addition-Elle

 Shoes: Lane Bryant/Neclace: Urban Planet

Jacket: Oldnavy/ Scarf: FOC

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  Later Loves xoxo

November 12, 2012

Tika Simone's Rebirth of "The Known UNknown"

We've been following Tika Simone with all of the shows she's been doing for the last few years. The evolution, growth and quality has wowed me every single time Garcia and I set foot into another Known Unknown event. So this time around, I had the chance to interview her and some of the artists performing on behalf of Real Talk TV. Although I was working, I had such an amazing time in the midst of so much talent. Garcia got to enjoy the performances all night. Proud that I call, Toronto, such a diverse and talented city, 'home'. If you are in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you MUST keep yourself posted on upcoming events! Its a great way to mix, mingle and just gel with people who all have one thing in common. That one thing being the love of music. Support is always appreciated.

On a side note, I was dressed by Real Talk's plus size clothing sponsor, "Gussied Up". I was able to rock this super sexy black leather paneled dress and a black leather coat. I decided to throw on one of our NEWEST  FOC infinity scarves. After putting it on...the outfit was COMPLETE. Super sexy. Super fierce. But, super simple. There was absolutely nothing to this outfit. Of course it looked great, but its simple to achieve. If you're having trouble like I was finding a way to make your outfit pop, look for a big statement piece. I was trying to find a necklace, then bracelets, then a hat....until I was like...Why don't I just make a sexy scarf?!?!? It's totally season appropriate (for those of us in cold climates), and it eliminates all the little extra things that your mind may be convincing you to pack on! Let me know what you think. And if you haven't already gone to our scarf site...SHAME ON YOU! GO NOW!

PS. Keep checking in! We add new scarves every two weeks! xo

Sorry...I'm a little bit of a spazz...

..And you already KNOW how we feel about Full Figured girls KILLING IT..




November 05, 2012

Scarf GIVEAWAY: Real Talk TV x Flaws of Couture

FAM-O-LAYY YYY! Its that time of year again! We have released our one of a kind, handmade scarves on a BIGGER scale so that YOU GUYS can get in on the fun! We have official released all of our scarves at: !! You can also get there by just clicking the "SHOP FOC" button on the right side of your screen! We're so sure that you guys are going to LOVE what we have in store this year. Take a look NOW...You will NOT be disappointed!

And speaking of scarves! Some of you know that I, Sasha, am now a host on an up coming TV show! Real Talk TV ( is teaming up with us for a SCARF GIVEAWAY! If you can follow the instructions below correctly; there is VERY high chance that YOU will be chosen as our lucky SCARF winner! Time is running out, so go now and qualify for your new, one of a kind, FOC infinity scarf!
Real Talk TV x Flaws of Couture Giveaway!
(scarf in photo may not be the scarf given away.)

To Win: 
1)Like the “Flaws of Couture” and “Real Talk TV” pages on Facebook
2) Update your Fb status to: “I just liked @Real Talk TV and @Flaws of Couture for a chance to win an FOC circle scarf”
 (dont forget to include @ before each name or else we can’t see it!)
3) Follow @Real_TalkTV and  @FlawsofCouture on Twitter
4) Tweet “I just followed @FlawsofCouture and @Real_TalkTV for a chance to win an FOC circle scarf”

The winner will be announced on Monday, November 12th!
Good luck!

October 19, 2012

Obese and still a good role model?

My peoplessss! I was a guest speaker on the radio podcast show, The Sum Up, last week! I was contacted by Shannon Boodram (who I've idolized for pretty much the last THREE YEARS!), whom you guys may know from the very popular blog-site and YouTube channel, Those Girls Are Wild. I've admired her for so long so when she contacted me about guest speaking on her and Mike Warren's show, I FLIPPED OUT.
(In other words, I said "HELL YEAH!")

I was called in to address the main topic of the News Anchor who felt like she was being attacked about her weight (WATCH HERE). The main question was: "Can you be obese and still be a good role model?"

Want to hear what I had to say? Then you have to listen to this episode! Lets just say, Shannon and I were slightly on opposites sides of the fence! Below, I've attached a picture of my new black spiked jacket from Forever 21 PLUS. They completely won me over with this jacket. If I could sleep in it, I would. It's definitely helping me as I transition into my obsession/love for all things black. Tell me what you think?

Click-->: Listen Here

I had an amazing time.

xoxo- Sash

October 09, 2012

Homage to my South Asian side: 2

"People will stare; make it worth their while."- Harry Winston

Every year, I make it a point to go out saree shopping. I absolutely LOVE the Indian sari. My motto is, when in a saree. It just works so well with all body types. You can never get too big for it or too small for it because of how it is made. Growing up with such a huge South Asian influence has truly made my perception of beauty very broad. The Indian culture has stood firm within my life since I was about 11 years old. So, I decided to pay homage (which I do at least once a year), by wearing one to my brother's wedding in New York last weekend. I expected that my sister and I would stick out like sore thumbs...America is nowhere NEAR as culturally diverse as we are. That's just the facts.

I chose my favorite colour, AGAIN. The teal and gold just went so well with my skin, I had to get it. Although many stares were evident, it felt good to be a means of culture and change on an amazing weekend. "Staring" for me is never a bad thing. I'm very use to it. Most times, people are admiring your beauty and courage. Never let a wandering eye be the reason you hold back your creativity. Who else can be better at being "you" than YOU? Let me know what you guys think!

My Saree is from Frontier in Brampton.


October 04, 2012


 My loves! How is everything going? Hopefully all is well with everyone. I'm headed to New York tonight for my older brother's wedding. Before I leave, I wanted to show you guys this super cute zip-up that I got from my dad. First off, its pretty much as old as I am so I'm pretty privileged to even be wearing it. My Dad takes SUCH pride in his clothing (probably where I get it from), so him handing this down to me is a pretty big deal.

Lately, you would think that I was boycotting anything "matching". I've been mixing colours, textures and prints this whole summer. Well, now that Summer is over, it seems as though I still can't  let the pattern mixing go. Not many people would put a mens army jackets with floral pumps. Key words: "not many". But of course, Sasha would. And you know what....I don't think it was all that bad! I actually LOVE it. I got the black leggings from Urban Planet here in Toronto. I JUST came to the understanding that Urban Planet is making some of their clothing in plus sizes. I was absolutely SHOCKED when I walked in and saw leggings and hoodies in a 2X. Well, I bought a pair for 6 bucks and it has been the BEST 6 bucks spent in a LONG WHILE! So comfy. I definitely recommend!

Let me know what you think, family! Special LOVE-UP and welcome to our newest followers!!
PS. Get excited because OCTOBER means FOC Winter Scarves time!!

Army Mesh Zip-Up: Hand Me Dowwwn/ Leggings: Urban Planet/ Floral Pumps: Burlington Coat Factory/ Bag: Gift