January 25, 2012


Today was nothing special but lately I have been feeling so out of it because of work and my hectic schedule, not to mention some body image crisis. Yes even I have those days! Majority of the time I'm completely digging myself lol, but for the last few weeks I haven't been feeling like me. So like the bestie she is, Sasha told me I needed to shut it and get back to me, and that is exactly what I did. After putting this sexy number together I got my mojo back. HA HA... you will see how much booty grabbing I did below. 
I am in LOVE with these earrings that I recieved from Knox and Marley. Their stuff makes me go CRAY. I am obsessed with this mesh top I got from Rainbow  (from our latest trip to Buffalo) and I love it even more because it was a steal. The blue body-con skirt and silver necklace are from Forever 21. Fortunately, I also have it in a red. You guys know I love my wedges, so these ones are from Torrid and were only $15..... 
yeah I know!!!! To top off the outfit my leather jacket from Rainbow, also a new purchase and my thrifted clutch. Oh and my blue bracelets are from Cuba.

I  want to take time to say Hi to our newest followers!!!!!

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  1. seems we had the same idea wit the lace and blue ,when we got dressed this weekend !!! love it

  2. so beautiful, i love that lace blouse. you must've been chilly though!

  3. You look gorgeous! I'll say this again, you're my inspiration for being able to wear that mesh top with just a bra! I feel so motivated by that! I also have body image issues too sometimes, so its normal for every woman I guess.

  4. love love love! I will forever regret not getting that top!!!

  5. @KRYSTLE sexy minds think alike lol

    @KILLA it was really cold after i took off the jacket but my legs were fine, I was going to be in a car so it was no worries.

    @VOLUPTUOS VIXEN I notice that we as plus size women feel sexy when we wear revealing clothes but get shy and uncomfortable when we are actually out in public. When you don't care that people are staring you will be surprised at how much more accepting everyone else is because they feel you loving yourself enough to not give a damn.

    @SARAH ANNE yeah you should have gotten it, I couldnt leave it behind :-)

  6. Ahh Can I have that shirt please! Lol Lovee this look!

  7. I have zero confidence in myself...like none..and I WISH I had an OUNCE of yours to rock an outfit like this...we have similar shapes but I cant even get myself to wear a short skirt! there is a vixan hidden inside of me..how do I get her out? :(

  8. Thank you ladies!

    @Dion It takes time. I believe in faking it until you make it. So every day you wake up challenge yourself,wear something a little out of the norm for you untill you have completely released the vixen in you! Email me flaws.of.couture@hotmail.com for more tips where we can talk one on one.