January 08, 2012

You like it; you ROCK IT!

"The truth of the matter is, if you want find success outside the norm, you really have to fine-tune your skills and become incredibly good at what you do." -Kelly Cutrone
She couldn't have said it better. I'm a very big fan of Kelly Cutrone and would definitely reccomend both of her books to everyone in the business world striving to become their truest self. Although we shouldn't wait until the new year to make changes, I couldn't help but slip into the tradition by making myself a promise for the year. The promise: Developing ME and remaining TRUE to myself by any means necessary. Sounds easy huh? I've heard the opposite. Wish us luck! Cause I wished the same for Garcia as well!-- Today I felt like proving a little bit of the "truth" through my outfit. I felt playful, sexy, trendy...and the list goes on. So I paired up my new Value Village (thrifted) teal sweater with some black tights from Addition Elle. A pop of colour shall we? That's where my bright orange swede heels from Torrid come in! LOVE THEM.  I added the leopard print head band for a splash of personality. 
(Faux Fur Handbag: ALDO/ Necklace: Oddjects (Christmas gift from my bestie, Kyra!/ Earrings: Shauna's Closet)

I'm daring all of you curvy ladies to add your personality to your outfits. Even if you think it's a little much, or a little crazy. If your first instinct was that you liked it...ROCK IT!

Hope you LOVVVESSSS it. xoxo

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  1. Ok, those shoes are killing it! Its a lovely outfit on its on but the red just makes it pop!!!

  2. thannnkkkssss dawlinggg! I miss you guys! We gotta meet up soon! What ever happend to Snakes and Lattes?!?!

  3. LOVE!

  4. Loving the color combination! FIERCENESS is KEY, ladies.



  5. I was not expecting those shoes! What a brilliant colour combination - I LOVE it! xx