February 05, 2012

Dreams come TRUE: Tike Simone's Known UNknown at the Harborfront Center

Guys! I'm STAR STRUCK! Hahaha. Last night I went to support Tika Simone at her Known UNknown Show held downtown at the Harbourfront Center. Tika has been creating this amazing platform for the most talented artists based here in Toronto. The line up was absolutely amazing. Some of you may not be familiar with all of the names seeing that you don't live here in Canada, but I am telling YOU---you need to google them, youtube them, follow them! Whatever you have to do to listen and support these artists!

I believe that when these kind of shows present themselves, most people go mainly to see a specific person. As did I. Shi Wisdom was introduced to me a little while back through a friend of mine that works within the industry. Ever since I heard her voice, I've been hooked. I adore music and I love when I can connect emotionally when listening. Ms. Wisdom does that for me, and more. Everyone that knows me knows that in my life its Beyonce---and Shi Wisdom. LOL. It was such a pleasure to not only see her perform live for the first time last night, but also to exchange words with her after the show. She was just as humble and beautiful as I had always imagined and I can honestly say that I became even MORE of a groupie/fan after last night! (I was even stuttering...embarrassing haha!). I was also VERY siked to finally meet the first Jane and Finch Female Cypher! These girls are the BADDEST girls I personally have ever come across. Such talented rappers and also very humble. Last night was exquisite. A special thank you to Tika Simone for dedicating so much time and creating such an amazing platform for the talent that we have here in Toronto.

Shout out to all the girls of the JF Female Cypher , ABSTRACT RANDOM who were absolutely OUTSTANDING and to Cierra for taking my outfit photos while Garcia was away!

Outfit Details: Mesh Top: Costa Blanca? (My bestfriends closet!/ Jeans: Voluptuous Clothing/ Heels: Payless/ Accessories: Shauna's Closet

Savannah Re...

Tamara Madison and O'Sound
Host and brain behind The Known UNknown, Tika Simone.

J.R. Richy
J.R. Richy
Tika Simone wishing J.R. Richy a happy 21st birthday.

Abstract Random
Abstract Random Ft KJ

Jane and Finch Female Cypher

The MOMENT.... Shi Wisdom herself....

Rochelle Jordan...
JFFC and I.
Shi Wisdom and I.
Cierra (Left) got to meet Abstract Random!

Everyone was outstanding. I can honestly say, I've never been more proud of my city! Support, SUPPORT peoples! I've linked twitters and sites to the names throughout this post! So try clicking the name so you can FOLLOW!


& DON'T FORGET @FlawsofCouture



  1. So much inspiration in just one post! Crazy awesome style.

  2. Ahh, you are so lucky to have met such talented people. You are absolutely gorgeous by the way! I just learned that you are from Toronto as well! Woo!

  3. Yes we are!!! Thanks for the love hunnies!