February 21, 2012


Are there any words in the dictionary other than "Thank You" that can be used to express your gratitude and appreciation? Well, we're going to need them because we are so thankful for all thats been happening.

This month, we've had an OVERFLOW of features and offers. We want to thank all of the sites and blogs who have made us they're "Bombshell of the Day", "Curvy Confident Woman" and "Glam-Aholic of the Week", etc!

Special shout out goes to:
Fashion Bomb Daily
  Confessions of a Glam-Aholic
Black Girls Killing It
Oh No They Didn't Magazine
City On Clouds

And an even bigger thank you to all of you who continue to visit the blog! We love you guys and we love all of you who follow us on our Tumblr as well. I see you! You don't go unnoticed!

Check the features out if you haven't already! 

**Fashion Bomb Daily

Thank you again!
Words cannot express.

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