February 20, 2012


It's Family Day in Toronto so today is dedicated to the ones I love! YOU ALL! Today is just a relaxing day. Planning on watching some movies and having dinner with family and friends. It so hard to get down time lately. With work and school and FOC...this is well needed.

I didn't intend on making a post today, but Sasha thought that my look was "refreshing". So here we are. I have on a really comfy pair of jeans from Forever 21 Plus accompanied by a white Hanes v-neck tshirt. The sweater I have on is from Zellers. Canadians may be more familiar with that name. Our Zellers is like the American Target. And you all know where my shoes are from! Torrid ALWAYS hooks me up. Collectively, this outfit makes me feel light and free. Nothing over the top, yet so chic.

Enjoy your Family Day! Even if its not an actual holiday where you're from!
xoxo- Garcia

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  1. Love this outfit! Your sweater is amazing and those shoes are so cute.