February 22, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday that passed was a calming day for me. I felt like the "Plain Jane" that I usually am in my head. I am a God fearing girl, so Sunday mornings have only meant one thing to me my whole life,-- CHURCH. People ask me all the time, "You wear jeans to church?!?!" So for those of you who are asking the same thing right now, the answer is "YES". I do wear jeans to church. Not all of the time, but every once in a while. From what I understand, your worship to God has absolutely nothing to do with your pair of jeans. God is so much bigger than my choice of pant.

So this Sunday, I wore a pair of Forever 21 jeans and a black button up top from Penningtons. I then topped it off with one of my FAVORITE blazers which was a thrift buy. Dontchya just love it? It's my favorite color, with gold buttoning...ugh! Just too much cuteness! You know Sasha is going "Plain Jane" WHEN:
1) She wears NO EARRINGS!

That is a huge sign lol. My shoes are from Lane Bryant. I'm sure you guys have been seeing us sport these cute wedges here and there! Well I hope you enjoy the post. It's a little opposite of what we've been posting lately! Change is good. God is good.

xoxo- Sash

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  1. I love the blazer, such a great scallop hem.

  2. Love the blazer, the buttons are cute.


  3. loveee the blazer and the color !!! you look nice !